It’s time for lawful rebellion against the Crown under Article 61 of the Magna Carta

Reclaiming Our Sovereignty

TAP – In her coronation oath, the Queen swore to uphold the Magna Carta and The 1688 Bill Of Rights.

These solemn promises to the people of Britain have been conclusively broken.

It is lawful to rebel and seize the property of the Monarch.

The following is a Declaration By The British Constitution Group

Too many politicians pay lip-service to the principles of democracy whilst serving the interests of self and party, which has allowed patronage, greed and corruption to infect our system of governance to levels beyond anything that could be imagined or accepted by the British people. Whereas the British people have expected that the good elements within our system of governance would control and rein in the bad, it is now perfectly clear that rather than expose corruption and greed, the good elements have themselves become infected and corrupt.

Such is the state of our governance today and thus our nation, that we (the people) feel we have no choice but to seek redress by way of lawful rebellion… with which we will continue until such times as our system of governance is put right, our sovereignty is reinstated, our rights respected and the rule of law upheld… and those who have brought about our demise through their criminal activity be brought to justice in an honest court, with harshest treatment for those found guilty of these crimes committed henceforth.

Furthermore, we are aware of dark hands that operate behind the scenes of government, controlling individual politicians and the government itself and we know too well that many decisions have been made to serve these interests, at the expense of the people.

We are no longer prepared to tolerate the subjugation of our rights to satisfy the demands of the shadowy elite of the supranational and criminal banking cartel.

We are no longer prepared to tolerate the lies, deceit and shady practices of politicians that are the hallmarks of corrupt governance around the world.

We are no longer prepared to accept a compliant and colluding media that has been complicit in the aforementioned criminal acts by a lax and pathetic coverage of vital issues.

The collective political establishment has for the past four decades conspired to transfer our national sovereignty into the hands of foreign governance, without our consent and against the rule of law.

We are demanding that our sovereignty be reinstated, our rights be respected and the rule of law upheld.

It is beholden upon every individual, politicians in particular, to now carefully consider their positions and the decisions they make henceforth – because we (the people) will judge them accordingly.

We ask those amongst us who understand the gravity of the situation to stand up and defend our national sovereignty.

If you agree with us, we ask that you join us in Lawful Rebellion.



The British media makes out that we don’t have a Constitution.  We certainly do have one.  It’s just that the Crown and the political system would prefer it not to exist.  Their wish is clearly to destroy the existence of the nation, and reduce the status of British citizens to impotent pharmacy-dependent, TV-brain dead serfs.  The British Constitution Group records the main components of our constitution, the Magna Carta, the 1688 Bill Of Rights, and their reaffirmation in the Coronation Oath.  None of these measures have been repealed.  Yet the State encroaches all over our rights through a system of administration which is the most part unlawfully applied.  People must fight back, and learn how their rights are being ignored and overridden.  The first step is to make sure we all know what our rights consist of.  The Sovereign is granted her powers through a contract with the citizenry.  We consent to her powers so long as she exercises them according to the constitution.  She is not doing so, and should be removed.

Add to that the conviction of the Sovereign at the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State for involvement in genocide, and it is clear that we have no Queen.  Everyone should be aware.  That’s why they’re rushing to bring on wars and the totalitarian state.  They’re desperate to enslave the world while they still think they can.


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  1. gemma says:

    a forgotten hero of truth
    please remember him
    and what he gave to bring us the truth

  2. Gordon says:

    Gemma, your link to Germar Rudolf’s Site made very interesting reading. Thanks for that.

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