Ferguson – grand jury witness De Andre Joshua murdered


20-year old DeAndre Joshua was found dead this morning yards away from the location Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri. According to this newly released report from The Last Refuge, the young man, who held a job and wasn’t one to make trouble, may have been the 1st grand jury witness murdered for testifying truthfully in the Michael Brown case, resulting in his life being taken in revenge for his testimony. In the 1st video below, Alex Jones tells us that the Ferguson riots are merely a ‘beta test’ for a ‘coming Civil war’ in America; in the 2nd video we learn the ‘secrets’ of the Ferguson riots while the 3rd video gives us more from Ferguson, including the death of DeAndre Joshua.

Read more: http://beforeitsnews.com/protests-demonstrations/2014/11/ferguson-grand-jury-witness-killed-ferguson-secrets-revealed-a-beta-test-for-civil-war-in-america-2455024.html


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Why wait intil 8pm to announce the result ?

    Burning buildings look better in the media after dark.

    Ferguson – a scripted stageshow.



  2. Aldous says:

    White girl enriched! Who Was Ellen Krantz?

    From: Western Voices World News – A Service of European Americans United.

    Graphic Image Warning: The article here contains a disturbing image and video. Please DO NOT go further if content of a graphic nature disturbs you.–Ed.

    Coming to a Town/City near you! It’s in the NWO post and there will be no return to senders Illuminati/Rothschilds.

    ARTICLE: Obama http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p69/wmrawls/pissonobama.gif on Ferguson: The Problem Is the Justice System, Not Violent Criminals

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