Emily Thornberry’s tweet ended Labour’s electoral chances at Rochester. Why is England’s flag a Saturnian symbol?

Rochester and Strood by-election


Emily Thornberry might not to be able to understand why people a lot less wealthy than her might be attracted to flying the England flag.

Yet she clearly hasn’t a clue either.   What is the red cross, and where did it come from?

It’s the same as the Knights Templar, the Red Cross, Mesopotamian emblems,  Egyptian going back thousands of years.

All meaning Saturn or Satan.






4 Responses to “Emily Thornberry’s tweet ended Labour’s electoral chances at Rochester. Why is England’s flag a Saturnian symbol?”

  1. Aldous says:

    This out of this world ET Labour MP story looks extremely fabricated to me, as does the entire Rochester by-election farce – which predictably leaves the same establishment twerp in same office wearing a not-so-different hat – LibLabConUkip – one bankster/corporate-owned party now with four names.

    Why the three, very tired-looking England flags in the first place? Why is the main flag covering the entire window and hanging from the gutter of all places? Hanging from the windowsill is a kind of norm.

    ‘White Van Man’ has a bad rep which also adds to the probable, Marxist induced yet more ‘White self-loathing/hating’ real agenda to this hateful story. If I had a neighbour who so disrespected The Flag by hanging it (two of them) from the house guttering, I would be extremely pissed off and far from impressed.

    I cannot understand the UK in allowing doormats (of all things) that one wipes their feet on, to bear the Union Flag. Toilet paper next? Unbelievable. It’s not permitted where I live, where the National or Local Flag is proudly flown from a flagpole by residents who want to do so.

    Hang one’s Flag from the windowsill (never the gutter) by all means for sporting and special occasions but if for longer, then erect a flagpole which it rightly deserves.

    That whole image looks staged, with the van cleverly parked to completely obscure the front door and any house number, and there is no sense whatsoever in the third sad flag hanging inexplicably from the main flag. Why the three flags at all?

  2. Aldous says:

    Another thing worth bearing in mind/asking oneself is: Is flying the flag while traitorously/sheepishly voting Labour (or ANY of them) akin to habitually wearing a red poppy at Remembrance Day while keeping shtum (or ignorant which is a choice in today’s internet information world) about what bankers’ engineered wars funding all sides are really all about?

    “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel” was never so true.

    Useful Idiot Sheeple flag wavers and poppy wearers are unwittingly perpetuating this Zionist nightmare of nightmares. The same goes for those who vote in Zionist Western ‘Democracy'(sic) elections, naively believing that their vote counts for anything when in fact it counts for zilch.

    Such flag wavers, poppy wearers and voters are the real Enemy of the People, perpetuating this tyranny when it could be brought down overnight by merely refusing to: fly the ZOG flag; wear the ZOG poppy; vote in ZOG elections – until ZOG is removed from Western society in particular and the World at large.

  3. Aldous says:

    The real money is in killing. It always has been.

    Without exception, the most famous leaders in history always have been not only the most audacious thieves and swindlers, but also the most prodigious killers.

    Video games teach our children to kill, but hide the fact that in real war they’ll die. This turns them into willing killers who all too often become astonished corpses without ever fully acknowledging the irrevocability of death until theirs is right in front of them and unavoidable.

    Schools teach kids to give everything for their team and to die for their country, which they do — never asking why, never examining the lie that the old tell the young to keep them from stealing old men’s fortunes.

    People tend to accept all the killing as long as it’s not in their neighborhood. Americans pay little attention when the Jews butcher thousands of children in Gaza, but might pay more attention when the rabid dogs of war are released in Ferguson, Missouri, which the government seems eager to unleash.

    Though killing has always been a universal sport, since ancient times the acknowledged masters of killing have been the ruthless Asian nomads who for thousands of years have plundered Western civilization, surreptitiously hijacked all its governments, busily murdered most of its inhabitants, and are still on the job, ever inventing creative ways to destabilize all societies except their own.

    These Khazar psychopaths have found numerous allies in crime who regard financial profit as more important than human life. The Huns never developed a society of their own and therefore became proficient at stealing the societies of others, which their descendants the Jews have done so efficiently throughout the world for thousands of years.

    Each year Jews produce movies that are bloodier and more perverse than ever which further destabilize society, and produce popular music and entertainment guaranteed to destroy such ancient traditions as honor, integrity and compassion. Kids don’t realize they’re being shepherded into new forms of mental concentration camps in which the warm values of family are denigrated as retrograde and harmful.

    All governments want you to forget that the most and best love you can find in this world comes from your mother. This is the bond the puppetmasters try to break so they can make you a permanently deformed child of their psycho state.

    Each year the Jews increase pressure on children to become homosexuals, because that will separate them from their families, and as perverts with no allegiance except to their own gratification and set adrift among cynics who seek only to manipulate them, they will become more stealthy saboteurs and more willing killers.

    Each year Jewish doctors invent new “diseases” and prescribe medication that will externalize the inner rage that compels those troubled souls who are diagnosed and treated with poison pills to kill their classmates and members of their families without ever really knowing why.

    America has been a wholly Jewish enterprise at least since 1913, when Paul Warburg and his foreign friends created the Federal Reserve and the income tax, but perhaps since 1776, when George Washington’s closest assistant Alexander Hamilton, who went to Hebrew School in London, insisted the United States could not survive without a strong federal government and a central bank.

    America’s No. 1 product is murder, especially mass murder. This is not something new. It has always been this way, from the slaughter of our continent’s indigenous inhabitants right down to the present moment when our government fabricates enemies — actually pays people to be our designated outlaws — to maximize profits from the sale of weapons. The more those weapons are used, the more weapons they can manufacture and sell.

    The more people who die, the better the weapon, the higher the price tag, the more pure profit for the pervs who salivate over this insane syndrome, and chuckle with macabre satisfaction inside their gated sanctuaries.

    The cornerstone of America’s gross national product is the sale of weapons, which are used for nothing else than the practice of wholesale murder. Since America’s beginning, it has always been at war, sometimes with itself, but mostly with someone else.

    They say the murderer not only kills his victims, but also kills himself by doing so, such is the irreversible damage he does to his own soul. Kill enough people and you no longer have a soul, which is exactly the situation America finds itself in today, when the government teaches you that killing is the most important thing and not to have a soul is the primary goal. Just follow orders, souls are unnecessary. Kids playing video games can dig it. It helps them win their games and kill their enemies.

    Murder as drug addiction: Ernest Becker theorized that killing someone else lessens our own fear of death, which is why men in combat feel elated and immortal once their enemy has been dispatched. The nightmares this practice brings when the soldier is home and safe and unsuccessfully trying to relate to a loving family in a peaceful world leads him to kill himself in shame for his actions and the lies that made him do it.

    It is one of the most difficult things to understand that our government would actually create enemies for the purpose of increasing the number of murders, but we see it happening clearly in Iraq today, where our government has deliberately nurtured and funded criminal terrorists, and then sent our troops — our sons and daughters — in to kill them, and they wind up killing each other.

    But that is not as difficult to comprehend as the fact which grows more obvious every day, that the U.S. government possesses well developed plans to kill many Americans, using tainted food, medicine, air, water and hollow point bullets to severely depopulate the entire planet and turn it into a global plantation for the ultra rich.

    If you’ve been following the news at all by now, you’ll know there is a grand plan to radically reduce the population of the planet by various means. The infamous Club of Rome pronouncement that human population must be reduced by five sixths or some say seven eighths is a Jewish plot, an excuse for wholesale mass murder, endorsed by all the world’s super rich aristocrats, as most of the Club of Rome’s member were Jewish so-called intellectuals. Really they were and are homicidal maniacs.

    Now with all the world’s leaders stressing the need for a smaller population, it has become open season on the people of the world, with fabricated wars, designer diseases, poisoned oceans, fake food, and cops who want to steal your property and shoot your dog whether you’ve committed a crime or not.

    A truly just form of population control would be to get rid of all royalty and all bankers, lawyers and politicians. On them it should be permanent open season, and if humane values are ever again to take precedence on this planet, God willing, it will be.

    A lot of people object to my pinpointing the Jews as the facilitators of our misery and the creators of our slavery.

    You can’t argue with a Jew. It is a totally useless undertaking, that will lead you directly to the undertaker.

    They’ll only pretend to accept your point of view, and then work indefatigably to undermine it, to sabotage it, and to prevent it. If they are unable to do that, and their attempts to blackmail you, intimidate you, make you lose your job or ruin you socially fail, then they will kill you.

    The Khazar hypothesis, famous throughout the world for murder as a social policy. Never having had a country that they built themselves. The wave of pillaging extends from the days of Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun and stretches down to our present day in an unforgiving trail of blood and tears.

    Unfortunately for everyone, Jews run the country and the world. This is no canard, it’s fact. Jews pick the presidents, own the networks, run the businesses, control the money, and write the songs that become part of our dearest memories.

    What the Jews have done and are doing to the people in Gaza is precisely what they plan on doing to people in the rest of the world, total thoughtlessness with no mercy. It’s what their so-called religious beliefs command them to do.

    The Jews have taken control of the world by turning a large part of the population into sex maniacs, who once afflicted cannot focus on anything else. Any relationship based solely on sex will not be sincere and will not last, resulting in the guaranteed destruction of the family structure.

    When we detach sex from procreation, as virtually all religions have warned us against since the beginning of time, we negate the value of life, so that killing becomes a more natural response, because killing someone else is actually killing ourselves in shame for our thoughtlessness.

    This is the end point of civilization, and a sure sign that we will not survive as a species.

    We don’t need a government to tell us what to eat when the food they tell us is good for us is really poison and makes us sick.

    We don’t need a government to tell us what to learn in school when the subjects they teach us actually make us stupider and don’t really pertain to the knowledge we need to live happy, healthy and satisfying lives.

    We don’t need a government that orders us to kill millions of people in other countries when the reason is to steal commodities such as minerals and drugs that only make the bankers rich but make ordinary people poorer.

    We need to terminate this government before it has a chance to kill us all, which is what it intends to do.

    It has become fashionable in recent centuries to pillory religious belief for its obvious hypocrisies, its plagiarized dogma and its camouflaged child abuse. Every civilization throughout history that has tried to achieve peace based on a central philosophy of preaching good through the reference point of an imaginary god has failed in its task because the dogma is false and its practitioners are corrupted.

    And yet, we may not reach a realistic relationship with any of our friends without acknowledging that higher powers than our own create the flowers, shape the mountains and provide the bounty and the love that give us our most desirable pleasures in this life. Something bigger than ourselves — not necessarily a grumpy old man with a flowing white beard who spews venom at those who don’t follow his orders — must be acknowledged. But that acknowledgment must not be allowed to turn us into slaves who kill on command victims who have harmed no one and are cynically called collateral damage.

    Patriotism is nothing but a hoax played by devious men on a feckless populace to get them to do their killing for them. True compassion requires no patriotism, no allegiance to any philosophical system, but only a forthright respect for all other living things.

    Jews fight to keep us all apart, knowing the one thing that could unite the world and usher in a golden era of permanent peace would be for everyone to unite against them, and ban them from civilized society once and for all in the most effective way possible.

    No matter how many Jews might be killed in this process, the total will never equal the number of innocent people the Jews have killed over the course of history.

    Source: http://therebel.org/en/kaminski/813681-murder-as-public-relations-and-social-policy

  4. Anonymous says:

    They are a truly cowardice race of degenerates. Envy and greed and perversion has been their trait. They have been found out and are the parasites that need eliminating once and for all. They are doomed and they know it. Tick tock… Game over.

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