Email to Tap Blog editor on fracking – from Tim Farron, Lib Dem President


Thankyou very much for your interesting email dated 27 October regarding the ‘gap in the market’ for an anti-fracking vote.

My position on fracking has not changed. I do not think that the UK should be pursuing another fossil fuel source, when we have so much potential for renewable generation from tidal and hydro sat untapped.

I do profoundly respect the position of Green Liberal Democrats on the issue and would like us to adopt their stance party-wide. We are the only mainstream party with green credentials and, that being the case, I would very much like to see us strengthening our position on this.

Best wishes,



TAP – If Tim wins the Lib Dem party leadership, that means the Lib Dems will be anti-fracking, joining the Greens, Plaid Cymru and the SNP.  Just Labour Conservative and UKIP to go.  Mind you he’ll meet a lot of opposition from the system if he’s going this route.   Rupert Murdoch won’t be backing him.


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