Do I heat, or do I eat?

Old lady keeps warm
I received this email today from The Energy Saving Trust, completed the survey and left the following comment:
Q. Are there any specific features you would like to see as part of this service, which we haven’t mentioned?
Yes! The Truth about Smart Meter EMF Radiation and the detrimental effects on human health particularly the immune system and DNA. You mention you could give “impartial advice on making your home cheaper to heat,” yet my experience is that the gains accrued in the use of low energy products are lost in the next round of energy price hikes. Each time the energy companies increase their charges the thermostats go down a notch which in effect means we use less and pay more. For this reason there are estimated now to be over 2.28 million people living in fuel poverty in the UK and there is no Smart Meter in the world can resolve that problem. People have only a limited amount of capital to budget the household. Every household in the land is now facing the same question, “Do I heat or do I eat?”
My advice is that there is only one way to save and that is to switch everything off that is not required and no Smart Meter is required to tell you that. You have failed to mention that Smart Meters are not compulsory and that a household has the right to refuse one.
It may be a good idea to do an article on Smart Meters again .Here are some links.

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  1. david turnbull says:

    Two links to the same company now offering what appears to be a remarkable device and i’m surprised it has gotten so little publicity!


  2. Paul says:

    Yes, they do look good, but when you look into it more they are around £4,500… and they themselves fit them, you can’t just buy it and get it fitted yourself.

    They say it pays for itself in 5 years…. but then say it saves £500 a year… that’s 9 years to pay it off in effect.

    Looks like a good product, but highly priced when there are cheaper alternatives.

    When you understand that CO2/Global Warming is a scam and that there are cheaper alternatives out there and we are all been conned by the system to steal as much as they can from us, for stuff that we have already in effect paid for, you will see that we already have the remedy.. sack and jail the treasonous politicians, dismantle the EU and abolish the UN.

    • Tapestry says:

      The Flow boiler is calling itself Smart, which is a worry. It’s talking about internet connection, and the internet of things with even your toothbrush being connected to the internet. This is smartmeters by the backdoor. Be careful. Something suggests to me this is not a small entrepreneurial business run by a genius, as it claims, but a corporation working from a front. I wouldn’t call them if I was you. It all looks suspicious.

      • The Truth About Free Energy Technology
        Posted on February 17, 2016 by Deus Nexus
        A Wake-Up Call to the American People

        Adam Trombly is one of the top scientists in the world in the development and creation of Zero Point Energy technology. Devices that he built are working today in other parts of the world. And yet, instead of using Zero Point Energy, Adam Trombly’s own house in Maui is being fitted with a bank of expensive solar panels.

        Why can’t Trombly use his own expertise to fuel his own home? Trombly has spent most of his professional life under one gag order or another. But he decided, he told us, “that if I was going to give an interview for this particular publication, I wasn’t going to pull any punches.”

        If much of this seems overly negative, keep reading. Trombly wants to wake us up, and to shine a light upon things that have been kept dark.[…]

        Adam Trombly’s revelations will shock you to the depths. But it is his hope, and ours, that it will help you to awaken, or to assist you in your task of awakening others.

        Trombly’s ultimate vision is the “redreaming of the American Dream.”
        Adams: How did you become interested in free energy?

        Trombly: I was raised as a scientist and I have spoken the language of science all of my life. My mother was a blood specialist, my father was a biochemist, and my sister was at one time a biophysicist.

        When my father had just gotten his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Purdue University – I was a young child – he was enlisted as a biochemist, by a fellow Purdue alumnus named Frank Olsen, into a U.S. Air Force/CIA joint project. He was stationed at the biological warfare laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland. This was in 1952 during the Korean Conflict. He had been a highly decorated U.S. Army Air Corp officer in World War II, but the government felt that he had a skill of strategic importance to the national security.

        At Fort Detrick, he and Olsen, along with a couple of other scientists, were working on a very compartmentalized project. Since he died when I was in the eighth year of this body, I knew very, very little about what this project involved. On the seventh anniversary of his death (4/3/1967) I was in my mother’s attic, putting out mousetraps, when I discovered a couple of boxes that contained journals my father had kept during his time at Detrick. You weren’t supposed to keep journals, but he did.

        One of the things he wrote about in his journals was his exposure to alien technology that totally defied what were considered, at that time and even still to this day, the laws of physics.

        He wrote a letter to Dr. Quackenbush, who was on his dissertation board at Purdue, saying that what he had seen challenged even his “most vivid imagination.” This was right after he got there.

        After he had been there about a year, the notes he wrote got really interesting. He specifically described various technologies which he stated plainly were of “alien origin.” He described not only flying disk-shaped craft and their related energy and propulsion systems, but Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. His work was actually concerned with them.

        On November 19, 1953, my father (along with Dr. Frank Olson and a couple of other colleagues) was taken by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb to a summer camp near Baltimore. While there, he and his colleagues were involuntarily given large doses of LSD in their cocktails; doses on the order of 10,000 to 15,000 micrograms. Olsen knew about the experiment, and out of concern for my father told him, “Harvey you have been given a psychoactive drug and you are beginning to feel its effects. Don’t worry.”

  3. Im sorry Tap for posting this. ‘ Alien technology ‘ I think there could be a big underlying deception here. I was overwhelmed with how interesting it all is but missed the alien reference. Therefore heres a health warning, read with extreme discernment. Ill take more care in future

      Why is it a national security issue? Why is a generator that generates several times more output than input a security issue? Why is it that the American people cannot enjoy what their tax dollars are paying for? Why is it that we have a government that is willing to deny the American people access to the very technologies they themselves are secretly producing?

      It’s not a joke. Our government has produced technologies, with our tax dollars, that could immediately begin to reverse the damage done by the irresponsible use of fossil fuels, and they are not allowed to be used.

      They continue to pollute this atmosphere, and they continue to reduce the amount of metabolically available oxygen. Who could possibly benefit from that? What species do you know of that is actually better off today than, say, fifty years ago?

      What is it that we do when we burn these fuels? We make fire. What is fire? Fire is a rapid oxidation process that releases heat. The real destroyers of the equatorial rain forest are forest fires, because of the incredibly poor husbandry. There’s nothing good you can say about what’s being done to this planet!

      There are far too many people in the U.S. government and other national governments who are acting in a way that is completely moronic and self-destructive. It is not a human agenda! This is what I’m trying to get you to see. There is this whole other thing happening

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