David Icke on Richie Allen Show. Diana’s lover murdered by the Royal Family. Andrea Davison says evidence of paedophile rings is always destroyed by the system




What has come out is fantastic, Icke says.  What has yet to come out is beyond most people’s comprehension.

Icke refers to Andrea Davison, and her job of representing paedophile victims, and mind control victims.  Dolphin Square.

Icke met up with Christine Fitzgerald, close friend of Princess Diana.  He taped their meeting.

Lord Mountbatten.  Edward Heath.  Sir Maurice Oldfield.  Savile says he was introduced to the inner circle of the Royal family by Lord Mountbatten.

Savile procured children for Ted Heath, and the rich and famous.

Christine told by Diana in 1989 that they were going to kill her.


Diana’s lover Detective Barrie Mannakee (pictured) died in a motorcycle ‘accident’ in 1988.

She was told that Hewitt would be killed as well if she didn’t cool it with him.

Hewitt was also warned to stop seeing Diana, to stay alive, including by a member of the royal family.

Hewitt was told he’d suffer the same fate as Barrie Mannakee.

Mrs Thatcher’s father, Roberts, was notorious for his interest in young girls.

Edward Heath was close to Jimmy Savile, followed by Margaret Thatcher befriending Jimmy Savile.

Thatcher’s lieutenants

Peter Morrison, involved in North Wales paedo-scandals.

Lord Alistair McAlpine, named in Icke’s book from 1998 – The Biggest Secret, Scallywag magazine.

Keith Joseph named by paedophile victims.

Leon Brittan.  Cover-up of Geoffrey Dickins MP’s dossier.

William Hague must have seen the evidence about Morrison.  WH was close friend of Leon Brittan, and his replacement as MP at Richmond, Yorkshire.

Edwina Currie’s Diaries.   Mentions appointment of Peter Morrison as Thatcher’s PPS.

Norman Tebbit knew Peter Morrison was a paedophile, when he appointed him. He promised to be discreet.

Andrea Davison says the dossier from Geoffrey Dickens was taken from her house in a raid by the Police.

See her statement to MACUR review.  The cover-up of child abuse/Satanic paedophile rings by the Police/courts is total.

Her flats were raided by 19 Police officers acting with a court order, and her documents were never returned.

Derek Laud was named by Scallywag as paedophile.  Longstanding family friend of the Camerons, on his wikipedia.

Laud has wide circle of friends within the Conservative Party, McAlpine, Portillo, Peter Lillie on his wikipedia.

Both items removed from Laud’s  wikipedia.  Why?

John Mann MP reported paedophile parties at Dolphin Square.  Police didn’t investigate after intervention from high up.

‘Safe’ people are being put in charge of inquiries by Theresa May.  Baroness Butler-Schloss and Fiona Woolf.

Attorney General Sir Michael Havers suppressed prosecution of known paedophiles, himself named as a participant.

Butler Schloss is Havers’ sister.  She led enquiry into child abuse in Cleveland, North East Britain.  Guardian reported on her report – ‘a model of establishment guile and bad faith’.  A trail of child deaths was blamed on the professionals.  Senior social workers attacked her decision.  This allowed paedophiles to get away with their crimes.

Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor of CIty Of London.  Friend of Leon Brittan.  Lives in same street.  Dinner parties together.

Theresa May now says it’s proving difficult to find someone to run the enquiry.  It’s difficult to find someone to keep the lid on it, who would have public confidence.

She is thinking of looking abroad.

Paedophilia in infested in the system.

Dunblane.  Thomas Hamilton was a procurer of children for the rich and famous.  Head of Scottish Freemasonry said Lord Cullen enquiry (also Lockerbie bombing enquiry) covered up information.  Speculative Society.  Cullen had the details locked away for a hundred years.

Anthony Blunt, 3rd cousin of queen mother, who was into seriously dark stuff, was paedophile and part of Russian spy ring.  Blunt covered up documents from Germany showing collusion between Royal Family and NAZI relatives.

The main pushers of the Orwellian agenda are universally Satanist, paedophiles. (1:23)

Reptilian hybrid bloodlines section.  Archons.  Demons.   Demiurge.  Jinn.

Christine Fitzgerald says Diana called the Windsors the lizards and the reptiles.  She told Icke they are part human, part reptilian.

This is why there are so many paedophiles in the upper echelons of society.

Queen Mother was head witch.   Fear is their food.  They can take fear and make it manifest.

These entities feed off human low vibrational energy – fear, depression.  war.  low wavelength energy.

the energy of children before puberty is nectar to them.  sharman around the world know this.

sorcerers who can see energy, see infant human beings as balls of light…

the sexual abuse of children is drawing off the child’s energy through the paedophile, stealing and absorbing the child’s energy.

They torture the children to take their energy.  Then they kill them so they can’t tell society who did it to them.

Example of US woman whose husband died, and they took the fostered children away, and gave them to another single woman.

The Federal Govt don’t keep figures nationally if how many children go missing each year.

Icke rang only nine states.  He was already up to 100s of thousands.

The vast majority of kids that go missing don’t appear in the mainstream media.

Same in South Africa.  Credo Mutwa.  Children just disappear.

Social services are now taking more children away from loving parents.

The Courts are there to defend the removal of the children.

The perpetrators in Dolphin Square flaunted their activities.

By limiting the sense of the possible, people are persuaded not to believe all these things.

They’re running for cover now, and there ain’t no cover big enough.

Children abused by politicians are quickly killed in sacrifices, according to an Australian Satanist.

They are secretly filmed and are forever afterwards controlled.

That’s why politicians you know suddenly are changed and can do things they previously declared themselves in opposition to.

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  1. john says:

    surely ANDREA DAVISON would be smart enough to make several copies before the police got them – if not how daft is she ?

  2. jimcasey says:

    Andrea Davison is a convicted criminal fraudster and this is a matter of public record for her role in numerous boiler room and identity theft fraudss on an industrial scale – this is something the likes of Icke and Ritchie Allen carefully choose not to tell the world – why they are in it up to their knecks in the fraud ofr 1 million US Dollars from The People at TPV The Peoples Voice.
    Good on Gorden Bowden for exposing the criminal ring that certainly Andrea Davison is definitely a part and if you know what is good for you take everything that Icke and his shill associates say with deep skepticism – he is only their to database folks who are awakening so the real system can go and destroy and discredit them how do I know _ I have had it happen to me – rest assured Daisy Icke’s a deep cover operative along with Stratfor’s own Alex Jones – Deep Shills and Deep Cover all and you can count the fraudeulent MEK synpathising Belinda Mckenzie in all that too – see how she engineered Royal Court convictions of Ella recently – Hampstead stecnch anyone – the UK and Britain stinks of corrupt excreement from the direction of Icke/Adl tababatabai and Mckenzie all ther way to the pdos in Govt

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