Council Leaders call for devolution to Counties from Central Government.

Shropshire leader calls for devolution of powers to councils

Shropshire Council leader Keith Barrow has joined with his peers across the country in calling on the Government to devolve as many powers as possible to local authorities.

Keith Barrow
Keith Barrow

Mr Barrow said that following the debate over Scottish independence, it was clear that England needs to have more powers devolved to local councils.

He said: “Considering that Scotland gets something about £1,600 per head more funding than England we need more powers.

“That is why you don’t get tuition fees in Scotland.

“But I think for starters, we should have full responsibility for all the roads in Shropshire and we should get the budget to go with it. At the moment we only have control over A roads, but all Shropshire roads should be the council’s responsibility.

“To devolve powers the effects would all be pretty positive.

“It would mean we could devolve powers further to local communities.”

Mr Barrow spoke following the news that local government associations in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales warned that public trust in the “old ways of central control had been shattered beyond repair”. They have written to William Hague, who is chairing the Cabinet committee looking at devolved powers, to call for an urgent meeting to thrash out a deal on devolution.

The letter urges him to “take a bold step towards a new system of government” that would move “power to the local level” across all four nations.

It says “too many decisions that affect local communities are centralised in Westminster, Holyrood, Cardiff Bay and Stormont”.

The group, made up of the Local Government Association, the Convention Of Scottish Local Authorities, the Welsh Local Government Association and the Northern Ireland Local Government Association, want reforms that would ensure power is transferred to the level of government “closest to the people”.

It also demanded greater fiscal autonomy as well as a defined set of powers and responsibilities.

Mr Barrow said: “I think you have to have a debate to decide what powers should be devolved.

“You have to have the conversation. I am sure that people around Shropshire would welcome it – I know a recent national survey showed that more than 80 per cent were in favour.”

TAP – with all the money being cut off  by central government, why not cut off their powers to boss around Councils as well.  Barrow’s had enough of being interfered with, like most Council leaders. Same as Owen Paterson, North Shropshire’s MP,  Conservatives everywhere can’t wait to get rid of David Cameron.  With polls showing support for UKIP surging (24% Survation), it seems like electors feel exactly the same way as Conservative politicians.  Only in the media does Cameron maintain any kind of credibility, and that’s all paid for.

Cameron and his coterie really can’t be bothered with ordinary people, it’s obvious enough.  They should leave us all alone and allow us to run our own lives.  As Barrow says, Shropshire could be run without any money from central government at all in another three years.  The bankster cabal and their puppets can go off on their transhumanist journey, and develop the technology for them all to live for two hundred years apiece and beyond.  We could put them all in a zoo and go and look at them in caged splendour talking a language we can scarcely understand.


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