Buggery at Buck Pal

In 1989, Buckingham Palace was rocked by allegations by royal servant, George Smith, who claimed he had been raped by a senior staff member.


He also sensationally claimed that the staff member had been in a relationship with Prince Charles, who covered-up the rape.

Diana was so shocked by these revelations that she took it upon herself to interview Smith and record what he said. Smith repeated his claims that he had been raped and also stated that homosexuality was rife at the palace.

Buckingham PalacePaedophilia at the palace

The recordings were at the heart of the collapsed Paul Burrell butler trial and to this day have never been made public. It’s highly likely that George Smith also confided in Diana about child-abuse linked to the Royals and Diana began to keep a dossier of what she knew.




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  1. Gillian says:

    Hi Tap,

    This comment of mine is way off topic, but I feel it needs saying somewhere:

    Is Chris Spivey losing the plot?

    A few days ago he posted an article suggesting the possibility that the ‘McCann troll’ Brenda Leyland, who was outed by Sky News and subsequently went on to commit suicide allegedly was or might have been played by Jackie Budden! JB is the mother of the late Jade Goody and looks nothing like Brenda Leyland.

    When a number of his devoted followers attempted to put him right in a sensible and helpful way, he went bl**dy mad, as he always does when even mildly criticised. I should say at this point, I have never commented on that site, because I wouldn’t trust him/them with my email address.

    Spivey has done some great investigative work on the Woolwich hoax, for which I and others commend him. It would be nice if he could pull all the info together in a coherent way and make a ‘7/7 Ripple Effect’ style video from it.

    As well intentioned people pointed out to him, the Leyland/Budden article will only serve to discredit all his other work. I know he’s come under a great deal of pressure of late. But turning his site into a me me me whinge feast, is not what people want to read about.

    I am wondering what you Tap and others may or may not be making of this strange situation re. Chris Spivey.


    • Tapestry says:

      It sounds like good advice, Gillian. One can only imagine the stresses he’s undergoing. However brave a face you put on it, it must be having an effect, and ne needs to blow off his rage somewhere. I agree a video of all his hoax research would be a great asset to alternative news networks. He should do that, I agree, when he’s good and ready. That might well not be this week.

  2. Alan says:

    As Chris himself says

    This was only put out by myself for DISCUSSION, after I twice made it perfectly clear that it was only a theory and NOT a statement of FACT.


  3. pauline says:

    Re Chris Spivey,
    Gillian I was lucky enough to meet some of Chris`s team members last year,they were very nice people

  4. pauline says:

    Re Chris Spivey,
    Gillian,whoops so sorry re my last post my kitten jumped on pc and sent half a message.

    I was trying to post I met up with some of Chris`s team last year,they were lovely people and not in the least untrustworthy,I trust them with my email 100pc.

    Chris is trying to get the truth out to people who are in the dark and not aware how government/the people in power act,people who have not awakened yet to reality,I have had personal knowledge/experience how the press ect try and darken your name if you are a truthseeker,I feel like a two headed ogre when I have read articles about myself in certain articles printed for the public by TPTB,and people who know me well say but thats not you,but everything is twisted to to make you look bad ,as with Chris.

    I understand how Chris must feel,when you find out certain knowledge not known by the many,you feel as though your head will explode and you must enlighten people,which Chris is trying to do,but sadly TPTB are daily trying to darken his name and shut him up ,I mean we must not let the public know the truth must we?how corruption is everywhere,many people are still fast asleep and to be honest I cant ever see people waking up to the truth untill it jumps up and bites them,many,many can not accept what is going on in Government ,how these horrible things that have been done to poor children in care,are still being covered up and the SHEEPLE dont care/want to know.

    Sorry I know nothing about the Budden/Leyland affair so cant comment on that,but I do know we are not being told the truth about dear little Madeline,we will never,never learn the truth,but her parents know a lot more than has ever been said.

  5. Charlotte A says:

    I second that, Pauline et al.

    I have commented on Chris’ site – his team sound like top people and I certainly trust them with my email (same with contacting Tap). And, as everyone agrees, Chris is being (outrageously) pressurised at the moment. Not that it’s for me to judge, but I think he’s handling it very well. And thousands of us are checking on his progress and sending good wishes to his lovely family. He is obviously a great father and grandfather.

    And a sound researcher and excellent writer.


  6. ian bormann says:

    Chris spivey has done some great work in 2 areas, the London beheading hoax, and the screaming lord sutch article, which rumour has it was written by an old chap who had just undergone a stroke and could not finish it.
    I am an admirer of chris Spivey but somehow mass spam emails were sent to those who had emailed into his blog, now I have heard that shills can now trawl for email addresses on a blog site quite easily, and this may have had nothing to do with chris. Myself and my sister both had spam emails from a cloned email adrees of chris spiveys, they said spouted the same crap, that he has admitted he was a jew a homosexual communist and a lying fraud, all the usual shit that is thrown by the jews at whistleblowers in fact
    good luck chris long may you be blogging

  7. Adam says:

    I have read Chris Spivey’s articles for some time now and have mad a number of donations to him. I recently made some innocent comments on some very obvious mistakes in his work on Facebook and I was blocked. Since that time and him receiving some criticism which in many cases was warranted I have noticed him spiral into a world of ‘poor me’ and his articles are nothing more than trolling the trolls which is an absolute ego trip.

  8. nosucherror says:

    Anyone else think all this anti-Spivey bullshit is a bit suspicious?

    • stedra rulz says:

      Yes. I certainly think so.

      Looks like he is being harassed by a bunch of care trolls.

      I read that article on Chris Spivey’s site and the points their making have no foundation, at all.

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