British journalist Graham Phillips wounded in eastern Ukraine

I’ll wager the BBC don’t break either  story.
Unlike the ISIS ( Site Intelligence greenscreen ? ) headchopper productions this video appears credible to my untrained eye.
As for the docs .. a small number  are in English as for the rest can anyone read Ukrainian ?
regards Ade
Video here


Graham Phillips has received a shrapnel wound in the back

DONETSK, November 24. /TASS/. British journalist Graham Phillips was wounded on Monday on the outskirts of the Peski village, in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region, the Rossiya-24 TV channel has reported.The channel’s special correspondent said it is a back wound, without revealing any further details of the incident.

A source familiar with the situation said Phillips has received a shrapnel wound, but his life is not in danger. The reporter has been taken to a hospital in Donetsk.

The journalist was scheduled to go back to the United Kingdom on Tuesday.

Phillips has been recently working for Russia’s Zvezda TV channel, run by the Defense Ministry. He previously worked as a freelance journalist for RT and has been held by Ukraine’s troops several times.

In late May, Phillips was detained by Ukraine’s servicemen and released only after the incident was reported by foreign mass media outlets. In July, the journalist was deported from Ukraine and banned from re-entering the country for three years.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Alleged “hacked” US documents

  2. john says:

    off topic but check this tap

    osborne of his head / possessed in parliament

  3. Tapestry says:

    Osborne looks a bit weird there. Been back with the black whores and the lines of white powder perhaps.

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