Britain’s exploding debt


So we are in a recovery are we ?   All of that interest bearing debt has been racked up on your behalf  collectively by the LibConLab single party state many of those racking up the debts have done nicely out of the proceeds ta very much you mugs.

PS other than going to the right school (St Pauls), a predisposition for hookers and coke what are sniffer Osborne’s financial qualifications or relevant experience ?

Answer he hasn’t got any at all.  Just the kind of chap for the job then, that is if you are the lender and not the public.

Current UK National Debt Numbers
Gross National Debt
FY 2015*        £1.36 trillion
FY 2014 £1.26 trillion
FY 2013 £1.19 trillion
FY 2012 £1.10 trillion
FY 2011 £0.91 trillion
FY 2010 £0.76 trillion
FY 2009 £0.62 trillion
FY 2008 £0.53 trillion


* Future National Debt is estimated by HM Treasury.




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  1. John says:

    But these figures are not really correct as it is only the governments debt that is £1.36 trillion this year. If we take into account banks debt, business debt and personal debt then the actual debt in this country is £13.98 trillion. I think bank debt was £8 trillion alone when I saw the figures a month ago.

  2. Gordon says:

    It’s not the debt that’s the problem. It’s how that debt is made!

    Allow a 12 year old to explain.

  3. john says:


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