Yorkshire fracking. ‘The smell is hideous, very distinctive, pungent and nauseous. It drifts easily a mile away’

East Yorkshire gas-drilling site making locals ‘sick from noxious smells’

Oil company denies fracking operation at exploratory well saying its looking at natural gas not shale
Fracking smell : A young boy wears a gas mask as anti fracking campaingers
A young boy wears a gas mask during an anti-fracking demonstration in London, England. Photograph: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images
People living near a Canadian energy company’s exploratory gas-drilling site in east Yorkshire have complained to the Environment Agency about feeling sick from noxious smells. But the company has re-assured government inspectors and local people there is no danger to human health and has been allowed to continue drilling a 9,000 ft deep “wildcat” bore hole.
“The smell is hideous, very distinctive, pungent and nauseous. It comes in waves. It started last week and has continued since. It fades in and out. The area where they are drilling is very rural and the smell drifts easily a mile away,” says Debbie Stabler who lives 400m from the drill site near West Newton, near Aldbrough in east Yorkshire.
“Depending on the wind, it has at times reached villages like West Newton and Withernwick,” said Stabler, who with others have also complained about gas flaring and light pollution from the round-the-clock operation.
As a fracking site proposed is a mile from Owen Paterson’s own private residence, he could soon enough be smelling his own ‘harmless and regulated’ gas emissions.  His lovely collection of horses will no doubt be most content breathing the stuff….will Paterson’s lungs start to tell him the truth his ears are unable to hear?

Another site the other side of Paterson’s house.


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