Wife of US soldier sent to jail for not pruning her bush while husband is away fighting wars

Tuesday Holloway made a final appeal to her overlords asking that she do community service for the “horrid criminal offense” of failure to prune bushes, but the judge held that she must do jail time.

“This opens a floodgate to everybody in Lenoir City being put in jail for silly things,” she said.
Holloway did manage to get the jail time knocked down to six hours, but still was not happy with it. There is absolutely no crime being committed here, yet the state feels they have the authority to deprive someone of their freedom for not conforming to their set of standards.
This is a disgusting example of police state USA and tragically it’s not an isolated incident.
This is not the first time Holloway has been cited for failing to keep her own property within the standards of the state. She was cited in the past because she was unable to keep up with the work while her husband was overseas in the military, ‘defending America’s freedom.’ Ironic isn’t it?

 Anonymous said…
a correction is needed here
her husband may be away making war but it is not for americans freedom, because they dont have that, hes fighting for a greater israel

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