What dangers lurk within the UKIP surge?

Nigel Farage’s conference speech was carefully crafted to appeal to everyone on war, paedophilia, finance, voting fraud and all the other charming foibles of the Satanic system of government that controls our lives. He probably believes in what he’s saying, but don’t doubt the trades he’s had to do to get to where UKIP is now.  What were his meetings with Murdoch all about, for example?  Farage never says once in his conference speech that he will get Britain out of the EU.

There are many placed into position as Parliamentary candidates like Suzanne Evans in Shrewsbury, who are creatures of the system, and who will turf out Farage when they get the chance and return to business as usual politics as quickly as possible, if Farage were to stumble.  He’s pushed his platform towards independence as far as he dares.  His best hope is to bring the Conservative and Labour eurosceptics across as UKIP MPs now, like Carswell, and form an independent bloc inside Parliament, and then get elected into Westminster himself. 

Within his own party there are already plenty of vultures in place waiting to move in. The system has been carefully placing candidates into UKIP constituencies for twenty years in preparation for this moment. 

The real independents like Carswell must all jump now and seize the party at the top in alliance with Farage. They’re trying, but the system will use voting fraud to stop them wherever it can.  I hope Reckless wins in Rochester.  

Then he must turf out the old wood like Roger Helmer who’s already spouting voluminous lies about fracking and gas drilling.  Soon the smell of corruption will be dragging this fresh new brand of political vehicle down to the level of the old very quickly, unless Helmer goes.



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