Water is the new oil

Socrates – regulation? The fracking and shale gas drilling processes to be used here are exactly the same ones as are used in the USA. The same operators. Somehow I don’t see regulation making any difference. Drilling spills everywhere in the world. Look deeper into it.

JENNIFER – I have been puzzled by the Rockefeller’s decision to pull out of their core oil interests and go all out for alternative energy. 

Owen Patterson, who is apparently, a ‘climate-change denier’, is also pushing that agenda.

For some reason they are calling it ‘clean’ energy now. 

TAP – Their new business will be water supply. They are using fracking to destroy the water reserves of the developed world, and will truck in water and charge it at the same price as oil is now. They won’t need an oil business any more as water will be much simpler, far more profitable, and politically a powerful control device. If they don’t like you, they’ll cut you off. That’s what shale gas is really all about. Water is the new oil.

From comment thread in Political Betting.



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