UKIP’s dodgy dossier

To get up to speed on fuel choices, listen to this guy, the late Peter Fagiano.

Roger Helmer writes to me on fracking.

Dear Henry,
I think we need to get real on this.  There have been tens of thousands of wells drilled and fracked in the USA, and only a handful of problems.  

There has never been any case of fracturing reaching up to aquifers and allowing direct contamination.  

TAP – There is endless evidence of this happening all over Australia’s fracturing zone and in the USA.  How come Roger is so incredibly ignorant of the facts?  Unbelievable.  This is outright denial of information that is easily available on Youtube and other channels.  It’s not propaganda.  There are gadgets measuring methane and other toxic gases and substances as they emerge into water and into the air.  People can demonstrate the methane by lighting up their water with a flame.  MIllions have seen this on youtube and other channels, but somehow the energy spokesman of UKIP has not managed to absorb this crucial information.

Helmer writes –  
The only problems do indeed arise from issues at or near the surface, with the integrity of pipes and concrete casings, and both new technology, and regulation and supervision, are the solution.  I say again: compared to coal mining and most other energy recovery technologies, Shale gas is both clean and safe.  (TAP – Tell that to the people of West Newton in Yorkshire where local people are suffering appalling smells and Raithlin claim they are experiencing unexpected pressure) 

It is also an historic economic opportunity which it would be criminally irresponsible to ignore.
I’m glad to see your enthusiasm for coal.  But the fact is that the coal industry has killed hundreds of thousands if not millions, which is orders of magnitude more serious that any shale gas problems.  

Unfortunately too many people are being carried away by propaganda, and we risk missing the most important economic opportunity of the early 21st Century.
Best regards.   Roger Helmer MEP UKIP’s Energy Spokesman.

Dear Roger,

You are wrong.  Coal killed millions worldwide mostly through exposure to methane, the silent killer, the same killer you now want to release into water and air through fracking.  Modern coal mining is not done by navvies with pick and shovel.  Come on.  Coal actually burns cleaner than gas, with the carbon captured at the point of combustion.  That enables methanol to be produced very cheaply by adding hydrogen to the captured carbon.  See Peter Fagiano.

You are wrong on other counts.  

The greatest business opportunity of the 21st century, as you describe it, is not the gas fracked from under the aquifer at great cost, destroying our rural economy.  Destruction of the water reserves is the way your corporate buddies want to make their trillions.  That will enable Nestles, Coca Cola and the oil companies to start selling us water for trillions, when solar power, and cars running on water and hydrogen take over in the future, and make oil and gas obsolete.

I am shocked by your lack of knowledge on this crucial subject.   You are backing the release of an abomination into Britain’s countryside, destroying our way of life, our health and our independence.  This is not propaganda.  Once we have to get water from overseas, we are lost to the corporations in perpetuity.   That’s the game here.  And UKIP are the primary criminals by supporting this abomination so forcefully.


And there’s the problem of abandoned drills.  The troubles can continue for generations after the drillers have gone, in most cases forever.  UKIP’s ignorance on fracking is downright dangerous.
Leaking gas well, Potter County Oct. 2014.Map link below! Located in Potter County, PA. This well is emitting a large amount of (odorless) methane and other hydrocarbons which are explosive. It is located approx.110 feet of a UGI gas pipeline. This well is not only contaminating the air and soil but a resident also desribed explosive levels of methane which rendered the nearby water well unusable. Oil and gas wells need plugging and re-plugging for the life of the planet. Cement plugs last around 20 Location of well Pike Twp. PA,-77.7126816,108m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

On Nov. 1st, 2011 Save Our Streams PA kicked off a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ for locating lost, orphan and abandoned oil and gas wells to promote awareness by photographing and getting GPS locations for these wells and matching the photos with their GPS locations on Google maps that are easily accessible for online viewing. 
Map #1:
Map #2:

Lib Dems have noticed  the dangers –

Lib Dem president Tim Farron warns fracking could harm countryside ‘for decades’

A new political row has broken out over the Coalition’s support for shale gas fracking, with a high-ranking Liberal Democrat warning that the process risks “damaging the countryside” for decades.

TAP – If or rather when Clegg goes, maybe the Lib Dems will start the political shift against fracking that’s coming.  
UKIP have missed their moment.  Tim Farron’s lining up to grab this political opportunity, and he’s currently the number one bet to be Nick Clegg’s successor.  If Farron were to be a bit cheeky and declare a personal anti-fracking policy, he might see Lib Dem support start climbing once more.
Tim Farron.


4 Responses to “UKIP’s dodgy dossier”

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG Fracking & Nuking !!!!!!!!

    see :- 9:20

    Yellowstone Nuclear (or conventional) Detonation, Underground, on 9 30 14
    The HAARP Report


  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm not so sure that it would be "criminally irresponsible" to ignore this"economic opportunity" unless, of course, he's alluding to the fact that global companies are now able to sue national governments if they dare to enact any policies that interfere with their right to profit.

    That's why it won't make much difference whether UKIP or anyone else wins the election; the banks and the biggest companies will still call all the significant shots regardless of who is in power.

  3. NPP says:

    Thanks for sharing this TAP.

    This follows a pattern across the board whether energy or health or, the meaning of life generally. Denial. Not wanting to know. Not willing to consider the options. Being comfortable within perceived parameters of conventional wisdom. Or he's a fracking lying back and front.

    "Shale gas is both clean and safe."
    It may be safe once you have it, but it's the getting it Roger.

    "… an historic economic opportunity which it would be criminally irresponsible to ignore."
    Strong. Stupid. This sentence deters me from voting UKIP, but they are a strategic option at the moment.

    Ask Roger if he knows what defines a fossil fuel? Inform Roger about the 1892 meeting to which Rockerfella sent his representatives to include petroleum among organic substances definition.
    Oil is NOT a "fossil fuel"
    Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty

    Russell bloody Brand. He's popping up left, right, centre with a revolution. He suggests Al Qaeda may not have been responsible for 9/11. It's another UKIP situation. I have to welcome such comments on 9/11, but his revolution smacks of bollocks. This weekend he's been on Match of the Day (gate crashed and kissed West Ham manager Sam Allardyce during an interview. They liked it… ), a book review type programme this morning on BBC R4 and now BBC R4 PM are featuring Russell Brand as part of a feature exploring his tapping into a sense of revolution among the masses. Russell has said no to standing for London Mayor.

    The EU debt demand on Cameron is timely for UKIP. Cameron's reaction is posh school boy hot air. He comes across like a feeble leader. His comments equating 9/11 Truthers to IS terrorists was unbelievably stupid. Roger Denial Syndrome. Yet, there's Russell, friend of hot rich chicks from banking dynasties and connected to the stars, saying 9/11 might be an inside job. Arrest Russell Dave!

    Is the stage being set for a UKIP victory? Is the stage being set for some perceived disclosures of truth? Are we being led by the nose? Have White Hats taken charge behind the scenes? Is it a case of the same old Powers That Be spinning another web?

    My listening, watching and reading suggests archonic energy can not prevail in the light of love; awareness of knowing we are all from the same mother earth Sophia, and Sophia is from the galactic source as are we, but the Archons are not. As they understood we understand our true source, they are fracked. Bye bye Archons.

    This guy's fun and engaging; it's long:
    Len Horowitz – DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral [FULL]

    Keep doing your thing TAP. This communication with Roger is now on record.

  4. Gordon says:

    See also: UK energy dependence – five hidden costs expose truth about fracking

    We’re winning the war! Industry report labels movement as ‘Highly effective’.
    WOW. The industries own data shows how effective our growing movement is. This from Truth-Out:

    “To avoid ever-increasing blockades and moratoriums, Wood advises gas companies to follow his four-step plan for quelling the anti-fracking movement: acknowledge local grievances, engage communities, work to reduce the damage fracking does to the environment, and “create more winners” (by which he means giving communities a fair share of the money from fracking). Wood also suggests that, “Movements towards greater transparency and voluntary disclosure, however grudging, are a positive step in this direction.”

    You can tell you’re winning when even their own advisers are telling them to do the right thing. You can read the full article at Truth-Out.

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