This is the most important thing ive ever sent in to you

Bit of a mixed bag but i feel this is the most important thing ive ever sent in to you.   Firstly, even though i know this fracking UK situation is messy and arduous,  one thing occured to me recently in our favour.  The UK is small, and the wiping off of value from property prices bcoz of fracking, will not be tolerated.   Even if the public prefer to be distracted, remain unawake, hitting people in the value of their properties is going to cause fracking to not be tolerated. Fracking campaigners should exploit this when attacking the onslaught on us.

The reason im emailing is Dr Paul LaViolette.  A brilliant multidisplinary physicist who thinks outside the box, and is leading the way and shining a light on another of the Matrix conspiracy’s achilles heels –   how certain facts, circumstantial evidence such as the 20th century lies of physics, cannot be denied.  Paul LaViolette is one of the keys to open this and excite and awaken many many people, just like he did me in june 2013.

Last night i heard him on John B Wells radio show, and again he explains astounding truths very simply. I encourage Tapblog readers to listen to it, 2 hrs 50 mins.   For example Project Skyvault, the technology using phase conjugation microwaves, causing antigravity craft. This is old technology.  A lot of the UFO sightings have been our own shadow secret governments over the years.    LaViolette  explains about Electrogravitics, T Townsend Brown.  And other 20th century technologies that make superfast non rocket antigravity space travel possible for pennies.   The 400m dollars each space shuttle launch has been a joke.   We’ve been lied to.

Dr LaViolette mentions how General Relativity,   the physics theory you cannot go faster than speed oflight, has been disproven, and TPTB know this.  He simply explains how GPS satellites prove it, as they have to factor in the discrepancy of the earths spin.  Instead, Ether theory, is the Truth.   TPTB know this, technology already works on this theory, but they dont want us toknow it.   It appears that at places like Lockheed Skunkworks, Star Trek type technology is being held classified.  Why else would they come down so hard on Gary McKinnon?  LaViolette discusses him too.  
Add to this, LaViolette discusses how Steven Hawking is now backtracking, but hasnt yet gone far enough. Black Holes and the Big Bang dont exist.  The theories of space and time are wrong.  

Arrogance and brainwashing in universities with help of the media, and patent offices, perpetuate the conspiracy, and this suits TPTB very well. This Matrix of lies is all around us. The fact is that Etheric energy and theory of Gravity lies in  Paul LaViolettes  SQK Subquantum Kinetics.

Whats my point of this email?
As Dr LaViolette says, the tide is turning.  TPTB dont have the manpower, to stop every hole in the dyke from bursting through with regards the truth of physics and etheric energy.  The internet and instant communication is to our advantage, and its much harder for this technology to be covered up.    I urge scientists and physicists reading this Tapblog article, to please start trying to make and implement and share for free with humanity, these hidden theories and technologies.    I read that in the case of Electrogravitics, supermagnets and supercapacitors are needed and are hard to get.  But there apparently are many ways to generate free energy, and a coffee table sized free energy machine in each home making Over unity Zero Point energy is possible.
Dr laViolette has been proved right with his SQK theory with 10 or 15 physics facts, defeating mainstream physics. Now mainstream physicists are acknowledging laViolette has been right on Black Holes and the Big Bang too.
Therefore, and i hope im wrong, but due to LaViolettes track record of good predictions, the prognosis for humanity with the Superwave fromthe galactic core, worries me.    This might be what the TPTB are preparing for, and know about.    This is why its vital humanity can get its hands on the hidden free energy technologies…..because this Superwave might usher in a new Ice Age, and a lot of disruption.    I apologise for the poor typing of these thoughts, as i try to get it all out.    If people listen to the john B Wells radio show   LaViolette explains it all simply and elegantly, better than me
My final thought is Richard Branson, using him as an example of the Elite.   Whats the situation with him? He must be part of this Elite conspiracy, or be too scared to invest in Electrogravitics. If anyone could invest and make this truth come out, id have thought it would be Branson.   Instead his Virgin Space project ignores T Townsend Brown.
My point is, its very very hard for us to break through this Matrix. But the hidden physics lies Dr LaViolette discusses, are an achilles heel.   And i think this is why TPTB are hitting us so hard with ISIS, Ebola, Agenda 21, etc etc.    They know the public are waking up, notjust about the lies, but to the widespread disgusting abuse thecolemanexperience so brilliantly discusses regularly.
And my final final thought is,   this 20th century cover up lie of cheap easy superfast space travel technology theyve had for decades… becomes very easy to colonise the moon and mars.  Right now, this isnt as ridiculous and fanciful as one might think.  NASA already treat us like children, a bright light on Mars was explained away recently with a ridiculous explanation. 
I cannot think of more to say but i hope we will all be OK, and hope TapBlog can be a catalyst for Dr LaViolettes Truths to get disseminated faster and quicker tomore people.
best wishes,  Adam

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