They call it ‘cyberhate’ – when the truth spills out online. The crackdown begins.

Can any of you define jew for me? Define Semite? Define English for me? Define British?

I’m writing to my Energy Minister MP to ask him the same questions. 

I shall also be visiting my police station to ask about Camoron’s speech and whether I am a ‘Truther’ about to stage the beheading of the nearest person wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Yes, Tesco are corporate, mostly crap food, just like most high street shops, but WDDTY are better on their shelves than not. Please, tell regular TAP readers something they don’t know. A minor battle was won here becasue members of the public lobbied Tesco in enough numbers to make a difference. I am writing to Tesco UK Communications Director and proposing they talk to Clive de Carle. Is it a waste of time communicating with a ‘jew’ food company? While others post moans at me or WDDTY being reinstated at Tesco, I’ll be writing terrestrial post suggestions to Tesco HQ.

Thomas Sheridan is right, be aware of perpetually focussing energy upon moaning and groaning and in effect doing nothing to induce constructive difference.

While you moan and groan, I’ll be writing to WHSmith and no, I cannot remember the last time I shopped at WHSmith. May be it’s cos I’m possibly a self hating jew?! Oh no I’m not, I’m a self hating Jesuit. Oh no I’m not, I’m a self hating Gooner… and after Sunday’s result…. whatever. 

Great posts recently TAP as usual.

Kevin Annett, what an interesting chap.  (

WDDTY – what doctors don’t tell you.

TAP – the system doesn’t like your activism, NPP.  Here’s their response –

ADL, top Internet companies work together to combat “cyberhate”

In yet another brazen display of the stranglehold organized Jewry has over American society, the Anti-Defamation League recently announced “the release of “Best Practices for Responding to Cyberhate,” a new initiative that establishes guideposts for the industry and the Internet community to help prevent the spread of online hate speech,” according to a press release. The press release continues:

The Best Practices initiative is the outcome of months of discussions and deliberations by an industry Working Group on Cyberhate convened by ADL in an effort to develop a coordinated approach to the growing problem of online hate speech, including anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry, racism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia and other forms of online hate.

Members of the Working Group included leading Internet providers, civil society leaders, representatives of the legal community, and academia.

As participants in the Working Group, representatives of Facebook,Google/YouTubeMicrosoftTwitter, and Yahoo have expressed support for ADL’s efforts. They were among those who offered advice to ADL in the formulation of the Best Practices, and the final document embodies some of their own current practices.

In conjunction with today’s announcement, these companies are taking new steps to remind their own communities of their policies regarding online hate and how users can respond when they encounter it. […]

The organized Jewish community, led by groups like the ADL, has been dictating and controlling what is politically and socially acceptable discourse in this country for decades now. The Jews essentially decide what we are allowed to talk about, and what we are not. They decide who and what we are allowed to criticize, and who and what we are not. They have distorted and manufactured our collective history and perception of reality using their control of information, the media, and influence in politics and academia. Our understanding of the world is fundamentally shaped by organized Jewry. Virtually every piece of information the vast majority of people in America have ever consumed has passed through a Jewish censor.

The latest “Best Practices” initiative is yet another example of a Jewish imposed psychological and intellectual tyranny that has consumed not only America, but the entire Western world. The Internet has allowed individuals to freely express themselves and present information that challenges the prevailing politically correct discourse suffocating and destroying the West. Of course, anyone publicly challenging the Jews’ narrative of our collective history and perception of reality, exposing their subversive, destructive nature and overall agenda, or criticizing and highlighting Jewish treachery and criminality is considered an “anti-Semitic hateful bigot who wants to genocide 6 million Jews.” Candidly discussing or exposing the reality of Jewish power and influence and telling the truth about the Jews is fundamentally “anti-Semitic” and “hateful” according to the ADL and organized Jewish community.

These desperate, pathetic attempts by the organized Jewish community to curtail and suppress our God-given right of freedom of expression, and the broader endeavor to control our collective political, social, and economic discourse, will ultimately backfire in my view. The cat is out of the bag, so to speak, on many of the most important issues facing our world thanks largely to the Internet and high speed communications. The Jewish control of our minds and perceptions is rapidly eroding.


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