The holocaust is now

When it comes to Israel and organized Jewry all they want is war, murder and famine in order to destroy non Jewish people on a global scale which will enable the Jews to take over the entire planet and own the land and resources in it for their use and enjoyment. Think about that! How tribal, selfish and cruel that could be?  Israel and Zionist Jews have hijacked America, Canada and many European countries which has made it possible for Jews to use the government and military of these countries aimed at destroying the entire non Jewish world.  NATO is a Zionist Communist Jewish creation which inflicts unimaginable harm to the world! NATO is going all out for WW 111 and if that happens the target would be Russia, China and Iran.

War is not their only means to destroy countries and people they dislike!

Several weeks ago Iceland had a volcanic eruption. Ongoing volcanic activity has become a problem and Iceland is still unsafe because of this and the earthquakes and these are caused by manmade weather manipulation which is a known cause for disaster making – another tool in the dangerous Zionist hand to be used to create more chaos and harm to innocent people who through their opposition to Zionist tyranny have become a serious threat for the New World Order of Jewish world domination and the establishment of Greater Israel as per the Protocols of Zion.

It appears to me that the Communist Zionists are having a secret plot to harm Iceland to take revenge and get even. President of Iceland got rid of the Zionist bankers, Iceland Minister of Interior spoke on behalf of Palestinian rights, Iceland Foreign Minister wanted UN to immediately stop the Gaza genocide and Icelanders took to the streets to protest against Gaza murders and these are not things that can please the Zionists.  Iceland is a small country but is blessed with courageous and inspiring politicians: President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson and former Interior Minister Ogmundur Jonasson are examples to other presidents, prime ministers and ministers.  This is the type of leader: A leader like President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson is what every country needs.  Iceland President chose his people over banks.

FDA, FBI, DHS in the US are all under Zionist control.  US FBI was trying to infiltrate into this nice country to create trouble to the Iceland Government and people and because of the astute politicians the country was saved.  If we are to be free of the Zionist yoke we need honest, courageous and caring politicians like President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson and the Minister of Interior of Iceland Mr. Ogmundur Jonasson and Belgium MP Laurent Louis.  President Grimsson of Iceland got rid of the parasitic bankers and Minister Jonasson asked the FBI to leave his country and MP Laurent Louis stood against war and exposed child trafficking.

To protect us from the police state and other forms of tyranny we need a President like Iceland President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson and Senators and Congressmen like Iceland Interior Minister (former Minister of Justice) Ogmundur Jonasson, And America needs politicians of this stature if we are to progress into a safe future.  Minister of Interior Ogmundur Jonasson of Iceland is also a passionate defender of Human Rights.

God Bless the courageous, sensible and good-hearted Iceland politicians and lovely people in Iceland and their beautiful country and God Bless brave Laurent Louis MP!

Bad things are known to happen to countries and people who oppose Zionist bankers and Zionist corporations and/or criticize organized Jewry and Israel. It is strange that Israeli planes never crash and Jews don’t die from accidents like non Jews. Sometime ago 90 plus people (politicians and government employees) from Poland died in a single plane crash and more recently a politician and his supporters from a South American country died in a smaller airplane crash.

Hungary had floods! Hungary said they did not want GMO food and they destroyed all GMO crops in their country. Hungary also got rid of Zionist banks. And Hungarian Jobbik Party has recognized the harm Zionist Jews are doing (have done) to Hungary and Hungarian people and are voicing it openly and fighting back this undesirable and negative force that can totally ruin their country and people. They have been falsely branded “Extremists” by Zionist Jews for trying to take back their country from the grip of the Zionist invaders. In reality these Jews who cry wolf about patriotic Hungarians being anti-Semitic are the extremists.  Japan had Fukushima! Japan refused Zionist vaccines and Zionist GMO food, Japan printed the “Protocols of Zion” which is the secret Zionist agenda (sort of a blue print Zionists have been using from generation to generation) to achieve the Communist Zionist dream of Jewish world domination and for a “Greater Israel” at the expense of all other non Jewish people globally. We need to find out about other things Japan may have done to anger the Zionist Jews who were Communists before they became Zionists.

Several years ago Indonesia (a Muslim country) and Sri Lanka (A Sinhala Buddhist country) were both affected by the same Tsunami and in Sri Lanka there has been a land grab after the Tsunami and many Sinhala citizens lost their homes, businesses and land, There also could have been Muslims who were living in the Southern parts of Sri Lanka who lost their homes, businesses and land. Since the Tsunami crime rate in Sri Lanka has escalated. What do these things indicate? They indicate that an evil force has taken over the Island and that Tsunami was a creation of the geo engineers who are criminals that prey on countries and the innocent people living in those countries.

Thousands of White men (and women) have been sent to prison under the guise of fighting the war on drugs which is the Zionist war on White, Black and Brown people. In addition to the innocent mostly young people who are prosecuted under the unnecessary criminal war on drugs hundreds of White men spend time in prison based on totally fabricated charges. And there is a fake war against Muslim countries and Muslim people. There are also Zionist orchestrated organizations in many countries aiming at creating divisions between Muslims and other religious and ethnic groups (Muslims and Buddhists in Myanmar and Sri Lanka).

Israel and organized Jewry also have done everything to subvert America and destroy America’s place in the world while also staging all sorts of false flag terror and hoaxes to keep the entire world in a constant state of fear and shock – while building more Holocaust museums across the United States in many cities as if this is the only massacre (even if the Jewish narrative about the Holocaust were totally correct which is not the case at all because 6 million Jews did not die). And is this the only tragedy in the history of the world that we all need to remember?  Ernst Zundel is still sitting in a German prison for having proven with the help from an American engineer that there were no gas chambers that killed Jews during the so called “Holocaust”. Bishop Richard Williamson faced a lot of harassment after he said that no Jews died in gas chambers during Hitler’s regime in Germany and that Muslims were not the ones who did 9/11.

Israel costs billions to the American people through aid given to Israel from America! Israel then uses this money to inflict more violence and cause more carnage in the stolen land of Palestine and Gaza.  Could there be another Zionist orchestrated event like 9/11 but worse or could it be Israel exploding bombs in most US cities (Sampson Option) or Zionist orchestrated failure of the US grid in the form of a virtual 9/11 (and blame it on Russia, China or Iran) or some race riot orchestrated by Zionist Jews leading to Martial Law prior to murdering American citizens by the Zionist DHS? Jewish DHS has been preparing to murder Americans for a long time!



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