The bravest politician in Europe

Judging by the number of people who saw this video, this information was obviously missed by most of the alternative media. Maybe because at that time the alternative media wasn’t quite as strong and/or powerful as it is now, and people were completely unaware how brave he was being by saying this.  I wonder what happened to him?

Expect a miracle!

It seems this is what happened to him…. he was arrested and put in prison for 20 months and heavily fined for calling a minister a pedophile

Alfred Webre shares: Urgent! Violent arrest of Belgian MP LAWRENCE LOUIS Mons BELGIAN POLICE BRUTAL!

I connected with Alfred today who shared the following info with me. I looked for a video with an English translation, but could find nothing. The first is a brief ‘cut’  that I found showing the brutality of his arrest.  ~J
Alfred shared: Below is the video on MP Louis Laurent, who exposed the King and the pedophile network in Belgium, illegally arrested as he gathered signatures for the upcoming May elections. My friends are now running as candidates in the elections on the same ticket as MP Louis – it is happening!!
In this video [the second video] it shows how the media manipulated the people with false information and Laurent’s lawyer speaks about this unlawful arrest. It actually made him even more popular.
Alfred 😉

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