Syrian Girl – internet sensation dismissed by Kim someone or other

Vaccines? Dr. Mary’s Monkey. 

So the human body has so finely evolved over the aeons that it requires multiple injections to maintain health. Yeah Darwin and Adam’s Rib, great design!

This struck me as interesting because she’s in The Mail: 
Meet Syrian Girl, the internet sensation dismissed as a Kim Kardashian wannabe who fearlessly posts her views on ISIS, al-Assad, the US and the conflict that is destroying her homeland

“She has been labelled everything from a government spy to a pro-Bashar al-Assad mouthpiece to a Kim Kardashian wannabe.

Her YouTube channel has received more than 2.5 million views, where she posts videos such as ‘Exposed: The “Assad backs Al-Qaeda” Myth’ and ‘If Syria Disarms Chemical Weapons We Lose The War’.

Some of her more controversial assertions include that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’, that Ebola could be a US biological weapon and that chemical weapons are Syria’s ‘only hope’.

Ms Susli is currently studying a postgraduate degree in Australia after completing a science degree with a double major in biophysics and chemistry.”

She’s quite something, whether legit or fake or in between. I’ve enjoyed her commentaries over recent years. She does look too good to be true. But, hey, as well as the crap, life is full of wonderful surprises. Better than looking at Theresa May.

Uk Column and Brian Gerrish mention
Dot Com Children’s Foundation:
Giving children the tools to cope with risky situations: 
… is supplying people for the child abuse inquiry. 

What are we providing?
A safeguarding mechanism to reach every child which is supported by the Home Office…

… independent then!

I do hope the BBC will give full and transparent coverage, don’t you? Just as a bit of icing on the cover-up cake.

Legal challenge launched over abuse inquiry chair:

But Sharon Evans, a member of the inquiry panel, said it had “got off to a difficult start” but she was confident it was representative, with a QC and investigator from Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Constabulary as well as people, like herself, with personal experience of abuse.

“There are nine people on the panel with an enormous background and expertise in this job,” Ms Evans, chief of the Dotcom Children’s Foundation, told Today. 

Oh I am relieved. It’s all going to be fine and dandy, Sharon assures us so. 


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