Smart green genocide. Mark Windows talks to Deborah Tavares.

Demonstrators outside Bohemian Grove were hit with directed energy weapons.  WW3 is not visible.  Silent weapons systems are being used to attack people who try to resist the agenda – Agenda 21.

The USA lost its sovereignty in 1912 when the Federal Reserve was founded.  USA Inc is quoted on Dun and Bradstreet.  It’s a business, a plantation of The City Of London.

People can be taken off their land and moved away at their own expense.  We were all brainwashed during our education, all believing we had a representative government.  The US government is an ideal only.  It doesn’t exist in reality.  The Federal Government was dissolved by The Emergency Banking Act of 1933.

We have been enslaved by lack of knowledge, distracted by the covert collapse of markets.

Use the internet while we still have it.  The powers that be are working towards closing it down.  The WMF are the receivers of the United States bankruptcy.

A democracy is an established socialist communist order.  The US was a Republic for a brief period of time.  The US is run on Executive Orders out of the White House.  Our governments are incorporated.  Freedom, justice and liberty are an illusion.  Our rights are completely eroded.   Our lives are threatened with poisons, food shortages, water shortages, smart meters designed to scramble our minds.

Corporations are dictating our reality.  
‘Who is running America?’  is a explaining who is running your city right now.


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