Skeletons disappear as academia tries to hide history

Dear Tap,
You have a very interesting Blog, and I come often here. Re-posted the video before this one, about Easter Island with our commentary. See:

Also just posted an Article on Wikipedia and “Euhemerism”, the Darwinian snub on generations of true historians, like Schliemann, who discovered Troy and the past by treating legends not as “myth” but as merely embellished legit information about our past. See:

To me it’s understandable yet sad that even may alternative sites do not or can not see through the programmed propaganda of the Rhodes Scholars’ indoctrination financed by Victor Rothschild that set the Darwinian tone for global public education, and produced dim archaeologists as these in this BBC (British Bankers Con-men) production. 

They are trained in Darwinist historical academia, unable to escape its paralytic paradigm, waffling on about “prehistoric hunter gatherers” preceding the never mentioned Picts, Scots, and British (Welsh) as if there actually were thousands of years history before them! The only people that was there in Britain before those three nations, were the Ffomorians, many of whom were giants, who used Ireland and Britain for mining and bases for piracy, as the Irish Clonmacnoise Annals report, of course considered “myth” and “euhemerism” by Wicked Pedia. 

Clonmacnoise said, that the Ffomorians were “sons of Cham the sonne of Noeh!”
SEE our post on that: How the Smithsonian official undisclosed policy was to gather the skeletons and destroy or “disappear” them, but they never exhibited them!

To me it is sad that most alternative news and blogs are not aware of this false paradigm, this Non-Science of Darwin, Lyell, and co. , who under the leadership of John Lubbock the banker Darwinian devised the “paleo- & neo-lithic” periodisation concepts which have forever hobbled true history! 

I hope you will join forces with real historical academia to spread our real historical roots! And the real British roots as published in the several annals of the Irish, British from Brutus who came from Troy, Anglo Saxon, Frankish, Danish and Frisian annals that are suppressed and denied by hysterical academia. 

My best wishes and kudos for your important blog
Love & Peace


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