Re-thinking The Beatles (and Paul/Faul)

John Kerry with John Lennon 1966.

The Beatles were a major part of the cultural programming let loose on the world after WW2 to destroy the religious beliefs and social cohesion of society.  Paul McCartney’s personal appeal was so powerful, they could not afford to lose him.  When he died, they had to replace him.

Maybe he was killed for not being subservient enough to the system, and not being willing to play the game of those who pushed him into the limelight.  Car crashes are known as one of the methods used to eliminate troublesome people.

Whatever the situation with Paul McCartney, the problem now is the loss of religious belief is near total in the Western world, and the Satanists have a free reign.

This guy explains the situation well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A Better source you will not find


  2. Anonymous says:

    its is said that a secret government project to do with mind games and control was behind the beatles and mrs JR Rowling
    she did not write the shit in the books

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fall is totally Establishment !!

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