Professor Robert Faurisson, giant of whistleblowing, is not a well man


Robert is not a well man and we may lose this giant of whistleblowing soon
please read this and email him and wish him well

After years of private research and study, Dr. Faurisson first made public his skeptical views about the Holocaust extermination story in two items published in December 1978 and January 1979 in the influential Paris daily Le Monde.

In the archives of the Auschwitz State Museum in Poland , Faurisson discovered the technical and architectural drawings of the Auschwitz morgues, the crematories and other in­stallations. He is the first person to publicize these important documents, and to point out their significance.

Since 1978, Dr. Faurisson has presented his critical view of the Holocaust extermination story in numerous articles, in many interviews, in several books, and in stunning April 1979 debate on a Swiss television network with prominent defenders of the “exterminationist” view. Many of his scholarly articles have been published in English in The Journal of Historical Review. A four-volume collection of many of his writings, Écrits Révisionnistes (1974-1998), was published in 1999. 
Dr. Faurisson worked closely on the French revisionist quarterly, Annales d’Histoire Revisionniste, during the three years of its existence. He also worked on the successor quarterly,Revue d’His­toire Revisionniste.

A cogent summary of his skeptical view of the “Holocaust” is his lengthy article, “Impact and Future of Holocaust Revisionism,” published in The Journal of Historical Review, Jan.-Feb. 2000. (It is posted online at )

Faurisson played an important role in both the 1985 and 1988 “Holocaust trials” in Toronto of Ernst Zundel. His role in those legal battles went far beyond his testimony on the stand as a witness. Especially during the 1985 trial, he spent hundreds of hours — often working all day and very late into the night — preparing questions used by defense attorney Doug Christie in his devastating interrogations of Raul Hilberg, Rudolf Vrba and other prosecution witnesses. Faurisson’s most important contribution to the defense in the 1988 trial may well have been his key role in securing the participation of Fred Leuchter, an American gas chamber specialist. Faurisson played an important role in arranging for Leuchter’s on-site investigation in Poland of supposed extermination gas chambers, and in making public the American’s remarkable findings.

Much about Faurisson’s role in the 1988 “Holocaust trial” in Toronto, Canada, can be found in the 562-page book edited and compiled by Barbara Kulaszka, Did Six Million Really Die?: Report of the Evidence in the Canadian ‘False News’ Trial of Ernst Zündel.

For years various government agencies and influential organizations have waged a concerted campaign to silence him. He has been obliged to defend himself many times in French courts for his forthright writings and statements. He has had to contend with numerous court convictions.

His bank account has been frozen, and court officials have repeatedly visited his home threatening him and his wife with seizure of their furniture to pay for financial “damages” imposed for his “heretical” remarks. Because of this campaign, his family life has been repeatedly disrupted and thrown into turmoil. His health has suffered terribly.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    henry thankyou, thankyou for posting this.
    i just did a quick net search
    and the Jewish hate crimes against this man and his family fill several pages.
    God bless him and thankyou henry

  2. Anonymous says:

    I only recently discovered roberts work and have not been able to put it down.
    he is another who has proved the jews to be a bunch of lying theives
    look at this

  3. Anonymous says:

    There was a holocaust, in Ukraine in 1929.

  4. Anonymous says:

    whata great man, dont forget
    ernst zundel and david irving all 3 proved there was no jewish holocaust

    see this

  5. Anonymous says:

    OMG 85 years age REALLY!!!

    Wiki Info – Robert Faurisson (born 25 January 1929) is a French academic and Holocaust denier. Faurisson generated much controversy


  6. john carey says:

    a great man! for standing up for truth

  7. Nollidge says:

    An important point to bear in mind – "Christians offer forgiveness.Jews seek revenge".And under stand that even if the "offense" against Jews was entirely in their imagination,for Jews it is still real.Jewish psychology is,that a Jew tells a lie that benefits him or Jews generally,& from that moment on absolutely believes that it's the truth,& will scream & shout down incessantly anyone who tries to prove that it's a lie,until the mug Christian walks off thinking that "well,perhaps I was wrong about that & he must be right because he's so adamant".
    Big mistake of Christians & other non-Jews down through the centuries.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This great mans contribution to truth is a lesson to us all
    remember the words of the master
    'seek the truth, for the truth shall set you free'
    Thankyou Robert faurisson

  9. Kevin O'Keefe says:


    Your work has been invaluable and is a beacon of light for those who wish to understand the true story of World War II and its impact on the current world.


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