People who try to stop warfare don’t get treated too well.

Many names spring to mind. Princess Diana. Prince Albert. Robin Cook. John Smith. They died. Others lose their jobs, and are terrified into silence. 

Those who favour war get advancement through the media, Churchill, Thatcher, Ashdown, Clegg, Blair, Cameron.  Thatcher was finally got rid of when she started to see the light, belatedly. Their sexual perversions are hidden from public view and used to control them, which is why ritual and casual abuse of children by politicians is never revealed.  Royalty are just another category of planted politician, who only speak against war with great danger to themselves.

There is no difficulty in getting all the money in the world to fund weapons and supplies. This speech from Charles Lindberg sums it up. He paid a heavy price.


This is one of lindbergs best speeches, he warns of the Jewish NWO plot to drag Britain and the USA into W W I1
Roosevelt had 58 advisors who were jews.
As punishment for Lindbergs peace speech his baby son was kidnapped and ritually murdered in the jewish manner.
A german national half wit was fitted up with the crime 
The jews have never answered for this crime and 2 world wars  


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