October 24th 2014. Is this the next significant date for the push to world government?

From a comment in the Georgia Guidestones thread

Apparently these symbols have been decoded after the cube being removed. The decoding was 10-24-14. It will be another solar eclipse that date. It is also a Christian holiday, “Feast Day”, and from past history, on:

October 24, 1945 – United Nations was founded.

October 24, 1926 – Houdini’s last performance.

October 24, 1929 – Black Friday – Stock Market Crashes

October 24, 1973 – Yom Kippur war ends

October 24, 2008 – “Bloody Friday” Stock market crashes.

Lets see what happens on October 24, 2014.

Also, by watching many videos on you tube, in more recent videos, you see a PALLET of quartz crystal. Also, ALL the graffiti has been cleaned off of the face of the stones.



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