Nuclear madness in Ukraine. Cernobyl could seem like a picnic.

Helen Caldicott, a longtime Australian advocate of citizen action to address nuclear and environmental crises and founding president of Physicians for Social Responsibility, will analyze whether the conflict in Ukraine could go nuclear at a National Press Club Newmaker press conference at 3 p.m. Oct. 8.

A 1985 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Caldicott believes the crisis in Ukraine is evidence that the Cold War has returned, is heating up and could well transform into a nuclear exchange between Russia and the United States.
For the first time in recent history, Russia and the United States are in a state of confrontation. Both nations have recently conducted nuclear war games, and some reports suggest that the state of alert of their nuclear arsenals has been raised.

The nuclear exchange she fears would result in ozone depletion, radioactive contamination, massive fire storms and a nuclear winter. Even without a nuclear confrontation, Ukraine hosts 15 nuclear power plants. Conventional warfare could cause several of them to melt down.

Like all Newsmakers events, the news conference is open to credentialed media and Club members and is free of charge. No advance registration is required.

Tony Gallo NPC Newsmakers Event Host

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