North Korea overthrows dictator Kim Jong-Un


kimNorth Korea’s Organization and Guidance Department (OGD), the country’s most powerful group of officials, has stopped taking orders from Kim Jong-un. amid reports that the dictator has been overthrown.
Kim Jong-un has been missing for over a week and authorities originally tried to cover-up his absence by claiming he was recovering from ankle surgery.
According to a think tank in Seoul formed by North Korean defectors, the dictator’s sister is currently running the country, making all important decisions in the wake of her brother’s disappearance.
A former North Korean counter-intelligence officer, Jang Jin-sung, has claimed that Kim Jong-Un is no longer in control of the nation and is now just a ‘puppet leader’.
Jin-sung believes that the current North Korean regime will collapse in the near future and that Kim Jong-Un could be replaced by one of his brothers, either Kim Jong-nam, 43, or Kim Jong-chul, 33.
“North Korea is currently embroiled in a sort of civil war”, he said in his speech.
Some officials want to keep the communist status quo, he said, others are open to elements of capitalism being introduced.
The capital of North Korea, Pyongyang, has been placed into lockdown with even the elite banned from entering or leaving.
Officials say that this kind of measure is only put in place when a coup has taken place – or is suspected.

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