New anti-frack occupation started last night at Borras, Wrexham

Wrexham Council voted unanimously to reject this planning application. Yet on appeal to a single judge (not a freemason or a paedophile of course) that decision was overturned. Here’s the result. An occupation. 

 Next up the Freemasons (i.e.The Police) will try to enforce the decision of the judge. What was the name of the judge, for interest? Why should he remain anonymous? 

This new occupation is eleven miles from the occupation at Brooklands Farm, Dudleston, Shropshire North, both not far from sock puppet Owen Paterson’s private residence. 

Wrexham and the top left hand corner of Shropshire are fast becoming an anti-fracking hotspot.  Come and join the fun.  You’re only free if you act.


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