Never trust a politician

The Didcot fire.  No alarm was raised within the plant.  
Strange for such a big fire.

Owen Paterson, our local MP, doesn’t think much of his constituents.  Once news got out about Dart Energy’s efforts to obtain planning permission for a test drill on Brooklands Farm, Dudleston in May, he failed to attend even one meeting he’s been invited to by locals in nearby village halls.  He was sacked as Minister for the Environment, but still he’s frequently on record saying he’s in favour of Britain being fracked as much as possible, as soon as possible.  

When asked recently about the people who will be affected by this, he replied to a local connection, who I’ve known all my life, that the people meeting in the Village Halls are not ‘real people’.  No doubt he considers them entirely expendable, and with him clearly not possessing the highest of IQs, he actually thinks it’s OK to go round saying that.  

He’s so taken up with the Satanist cause since his Bilderberg initiation last year, that he can no longer see that the village people who he’s lived nearby, are just as human as he is.  Doubtless he no longer sees himself as fitting into the ‘human’ category, but something a little higher than that.  It would be hard to disagree with him about being inhuman, yet very hard to see that he has become anything other than evil political trash – hopefully soon to be slung out by the electors of North Shropshire for his unbelievable arrogance.

What’s going on here?  Paterson might have been sacked from his position with DEFRA, but he’s clearly still working as an integral part of the government in another role, pushing fracking and other environmentally-noxious global programmes.

It’s not difficult to see how plans are being laid by Paterson and the other sickos in their Satanic cabal to engineer circumstances which will make the destruction of Britain’s countryside with gas drilling  more persuasive to a sceptical electorate.   

You have to read the next bit with voices of low cunning  –

No 10 Downing Street  

Cameron – How can we force these bloody councils to drill into their aquifers and destroy their water reserves?  They’ve cottoned on to what we’re up to with our dash for ‘gas’.  It’s not right.

(The real business is water.  Destroying all easy access to it so people can be charged a fortune for it is the key to understanding the otherwise inexplicable gas dash.)

MI5 – Ed Davey told them we won’t be able to get gas from Russia (we don’t buy any Russian gas actually!) and they didn’t believe him.  We told them we won’t be able to get gas from the Middle East as well, and they didn’t believe that either.

Cameron – Well there must be something you can do.  The public’s so dumb.  What other deceptive nonsense can we shove down their throats?  

MI5 –  Just a thought, Prime Minister but why not burn down some power stations, and mothball the rest until they’re screaming for something, anything, to be done. People won’t care about water reserves when their houses are freezing up, and they can’t see in the dark.  We’ll tell them it’s because of all the Councils blocking the plans to drill for gas, and they’ll start backing down quick enough…or we’ll push through National Emergency legislation and override them.

Cameron – I like your style.  OK. Let’s try it.

The plan goes into operation.  IQ-challenged Paterson gets his weekly update from Downing Street and reads the script.  When he decides he has to communicate with his less-than-human constituents, this is what he spills out – 

October 29th Shropshire Star top headline tonight.  
Paterson warns of long term energy crisis.
…Owen Paterson reiterated his view that the lights will ‘definitely go out’…

He refused to be drawn on reports of possible winter blackouts and the closure of power stations.

Didcot B, a gas-fired station in Oxfordshire..was reduced to half capacity as  a blaze broke out in one or two cooling tower modules, Paterson pointed out.. 

(TAP – there was no fire alarm from the power station.  The fire was reported by a member of the public observing the fire from their house.  very odd)

There was also a fire at the power station in Ironbridge earlier this year, and another at Ferrybridge in Yorkshire  (TAP – what?  not two other fires at power stations?  Surely one fire every thirty years would be about the norm.  Three in a few months.  Now that’s getting careless.)

Paterson continues –  ‘If we have a very, very cold January, and no wind (Does he know about weather modification technologies and what’s being planned for these? – presumably he does)….the lights will definitely go out….’

TAP – The government is also mothballing nuclear power stations and retiring coal-fired stations.  It doesn’t take a genius to see what these crazies are contemplating next, does it.


The fire at Didcot was the third at a fossil fuel-fired power station this year. After a blaze in February, E.ON decided not to bring one 370MW unit back online at its Ironbridge power station in Shropshire. In July, a fire caused the closure of two units at SSE’s 1GW Ferrybridge coal plant in West Yorkshire.
EDF Energy also took two of its nuclear plants out of service in August for inspections after a fault was found.
Ofgem said in June, before the run of fires and shutdowns, that the risk of power blackouts within 18 months had doubled from a year earlier.
Davey said then he was putting measures in place to counter the threat but admitted: “Without timely action there would be risks to security of supply.”
National Grid said after the Didcot blaze that the longer-term effect on supply was difficult to judge and that the outlook report would take the plant’s reduced capacity into account.
Peter Atherton, an energy analyst at Liberum Capital, said the fires, along with boiler problems at EDF’s plants in Heysham and Hartlepool, had removed about 7% of Britain’s conventional and nuclear energy capacity. He said UK energy policy, criticised for lack of investment in infrastructure, had left supply precariously thin.
In a note to clients, Atherton said: “This may just be an unusual run of events, or it might suggest that the aging power station fleet is becoming more vulnerable to accidents.
TAP – Or it could suggest something else.  Especially when you see that no alarm was raised at Didcot.  It’s all mighty suspicious, to my mind.  No wonder they select the stupidest politician in their team to spill it all out.  The more capable naturally want to keep their distance, so this national ’emergency’ for dummies is created by others less aware of how bloody obvious their crazy scheme is.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excerpts from the latest John Kaminski piece.

    Take the pill to cure the disease you didn't know you had
    until they told you that you did
    — will you believe them?

    By John Kaminski

    Your choice is clear — disbelief or panic! Guard against the lethal threats or pretend they are not real, just more horror stories to be believed by the gullible and unprepared. These stories are everywhere and all the time and the media promise more to come with each new adrenaline pumping newscast. Will you believe them?

    Are invisible bugs flying around the world intent on melting your internal organs after just a whiff? Or is this just another government fairy tale, planted by Bill Gates in an African lab and now embellished by doctors in white coats curing the incurable with a magic shot that they are now offering, with a glazed smile, to you. These passion plays are meant to obscure the grim fact that the financial system has disintegrated, and without the protective hand of totalitarianism, total chaos in the world and your early termination date are just a heartbeat away? Just let them keep bombing imaginary enemies and everything will be fine, is what they tell you.

    Those of us who are in the frustrating business of trying to get the lemmings to suddenly grow a brain are usually aghast at both the frequency and magnitude of indifference across our decaying landscape. The typical response we get when trying to wake up someone about something that requires public action usually is . . . "There's nothing we can do about that. Why worry about something we have no control over?" Then they usually return to the mind-numbing TV show they're watching.

    Idiots who think they know everything because they've gone to Jewish schools, been brought up by Jewish religions and weaned on Jewish media don't really have a clue about what has happened to their country, and their world, and they have been so diminished by bad food and medicine that they don't really care.

    I would like to propose a new definition of Holocaust denial that has nothing to do with World War II.

    The things that you deny are killing you are the things that are actually killing you. Wi-fi radiation. Leaking nuke plants. Toxic cell phone towers. Carcinogenic food, such as poison wheat. Cops.

    The Holocaust is happening now, and you are its victim. The government is staging a pandemic for a disease it has created in its own labs, and now is going to order that you take a shot that will be the cause of your premature death.

    Will you take it? Will you believe what they say? Will you bet your life that you can trust what the government tells you?


  2. Anonymous says:

    What evidence do you have that your government ever tells you the truth? When was the last example you can think of that your government actually told you the truth? Go ahead. Tell us. It will be a surprise to everyone.

    There are things that are going to kill us that we cannot correct. We can't even correct our criminal government.

    Prior to this conclusion, the world will realize that a nation that kills its own citizens, no matter its political philosophy, does not deserve to survive. Such an inhuman country cannot be dealt with by anyone, and must be eliminated. And that goes double for the moneychanging little scumbags who control it from Israel.

    Bequeathed with the gifts and abilities to achieve as yet unimagined greatness, perfect justice, and the respect of all living species throughout the universe, in our fear, we settled for imaginary magic men who pretended to bestow eternity on those who would kill their enemies. Thus, in their boundless fear, everyone and everything turned out to be their enemies.

    As long as you harbor any hope of heaven, or dream you will return to Earth for another shot at incarnate perfection, or ask for any favor and promise to do any task or follow any rules in exchange for immunity from death, you are assisting in the murder of every living thing. As long as you fail to recognize death as a natural and proper part of life, you will kill everything you touch.

    Today, as the Earth goes up in methane flames and blithering men seek to kill all who oppose their delusional desires, humanity has squandered its unique opportunity to be the kind of being that all living things aspire to be.

    A friend and benefactor to all, a sustainer of those in need, a rescuer of those in danger, a loving parent to your healthy children, and a grateful child to the parents who have raised you.

    Instead you are a groveling sycophant, trapped in your illusions provided by bad men who only wanted to steal your property and rape your children. This history they provided for you is exactly the opposite of what happened, but because they controlled all the news outlets, they can now get you to do anything they want you to do and make you believe you're doing the right thing, like, for instance, attach electrical wires to an innocent person's genitals inside Abu Ghraib prison, bombing a wedding party in Afghanistan, or administering a vaccine you know contains a fatal disease in Sierra Leone.

    You're so afraid of losing what little food you have that you keep your mouth shut when the cops mistakenly kill your neighbor and then plant drugs in his home to make it look legit.

    And you wonder why you and your children and your grandchildren are not going to survive more than few years more when you don't understand what you've just read on this screen, and what you should do about it to make sure these things don't come to pass.

    Then the horror of it all hits you hard when you realize that all the things described herein have already happened, and will continue to happen because you have failed to oppose them.

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