More sex abuse MPs named to Police by John Mann MP for Bassetlaw

John Mann MP @JohnMannMP · Oct 16
Very interesting and significant name suggested for PIE child abuse organiser of MPs. Anyone with info?

John Mann MP @JohnMannMP · Oct 16
If a second person can evidence the alleged PIE MP kingpin then I will be naming him in Parliament ( not a name already out there)

Sunday, 19 October 2014
Labour MP John Mann has provided evidence to Police on Parliamentary sex abusers
John Mann British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Bassetlaw since 2001.

He is appealing for information about Nottingham Child Abuse and Historical Child Abuse. 

I will let his tweets speak for themselves but perhaps the biggest promise is to use parliamentary privelege to names perpetrators of the Lambeth abuse.

New MPs in Westminister
John Mann MP @JohnMannMP · Oct 15
To the doubters let me say; I have provided evidence to the police on Parliamentary sex abusers. Let us see justice prevail.

John Mann MP @JohnMannMP · Oct 15
I can’t take on every child abuse case. But my god, I will fight to the end for justice for some of them.

John Mann MP @JohnMannMP · Oct 15
Apparently some are concerned that I might upset the apple cart. Sod that, I am focussed on the entire orchard.

John Mann MP @JohnMannMP · Oct 16
Journalists need to start asking why the Dickens file is covered by the official secrets act 



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