Message from anti-fracking camp – about the new Infrastructure Bill and other threats they face.

Last night the camp was hit by a tornado!  The structures held together.  But they need more nails!

To our supporters We are getting ever closer to the new Infrastructure Bill and we thought it a good idea to point out how this will effect your protectors in relation to our current section 6 occupation of the proposed fracking site on Brooklands Farm.

We could be instantly arrested without anyone being informed, held at an undisclosed location for an indeterminate period of time without trial or access to legal support.

Our access to all forms of communication can be restricted including being told who we can and cannot talk to or associate with if where we to be released.

Should this come to pass and we find ourselves in the above position we would ask that as we watch out over the land that you watch over us.

A camper’s picture on Facebook.  The Shropshire Council is holding a meeting to discuss the Brooklands Farm site on the 24th October 2014.  The campers are occupying the site under Section 6 of the Public Order Act, hoping to see off the developers if they get permission to drill, as they did at Barton Moss.  The local Dudleston Villagers don’t get it as as yet and still hope to stop the plan from getting permission.  It might not be long and they’ll be joining in with the campers, who are old hands from other camps around the country.  

This is probably going to be one of the last campaigns where the Freemen and Freewomen of this land can lawfully assemble to resist the elite 1% of this country as they begin in ernest the enslavement of the masses.

We would like to make it 100% clear that not a single protector at camp will leave without informing someone or are in anyway or form suicidal.

Do not be alarmed by this post this is merely to protect ourselves in view of the legislation about to pass into law and would ask our families and friends to take the above seriously.

Love and peace to you all… we run out of jaffas

TAP – There are still quite a few phases to go before this Bill passes into law, and there could be further amendments.  The legislative timetable will not see this receive The Royal Assent until next year some time, presumably before the General Election, but maybe not much before.


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