Merck on trial over its MMR vaccine

Whenever there are cases of mumps, measles or chicken pox you’ll always hear people saying that it’s the fault of all those crazy “anti-vaxxers.” 

“Anti-vaxxers” are parents, grandparents and others who won’t just take what medical authorities and Big Pharma promise about how “safe” these shots are… And with good reason. 

But what if these vaccines aren’t really all that “effective” to begin with? That would kind of change the whole picture now, wouldn’t it? 

Well soon, we might just get the low-down on exactly how effective one of these vaccines really is. That’s because Merck and its mumps vaccine are going to trial… and for all we know, Merck’s vaccine house of cards might just be blown down. 

Let the buyer beware

Merck’s mumps shot has been taken to court almost a thousand times. But to a special place called the “vaccine court.” That’s the only court where claims against vaccines can be heard. 

Injuries from the mumps, measles and rubella (MMR), are third on the list for numbers of cases filed there. 

However, this latest one is a different kind of lawsuit. 

It’s not about children who died or were injured after getting the MMR vaccine. 

It’s all about money. Specifically, how much money Merck may have cheated medical authorities out of. 

You see Merck has had control over the MMR vaccine since 1967. In the US, it’s the only drug company that has an FDA license to make it (in the UK, GlaxoSmithKline dominates the market). 

Merck claims its MMR vaccine is 95 per cent effective in preventing mumps specifically … and that’s what this lawsuit is all about. It looks like the vaccine is not as effective as Merck would like everybody to believe… And exactly how effective this shot really is, nobody knows. 

The two whistle-blowers who worked for Merck as virologists and who are taking the drug giant to court say that they witnessed fraudulent testing of the mumps vaccine. They say that Merck used some clever tactics to get that “prevention” number up to 95 per cent. 

The whistle-blowers say that when the test results didn’t come out to Merck’s liking, they were trashed, and different, sneaky ways to study the vaccine were devised. 

Now, these two Merck employees first told their story to medical authorities… who paid Merck a visit… but saw and did ‘nothing’. 

However, the whistle-blowers were assigned to different jobs. And Merck, they say, went right on with its fraudulent testing. Finally, these two guys managed to get their case into court. Of course, Merck tried to get it dismissed, but the judge didn’t buy the company’s reasons. 

Look, we already know these vaccines aren’t 100% safe. If they were, there wouldn’t be so many settlements made by that “vaccine court.” 

But if this latest trial can get it on the record that they’re not even all that “effective,” it might put a stop to the nonsense we keep hearing about the wonder-working preventive power of these vaccines. 

It might also put a stop to people trying to place the blame for occasional cases of mumps on parents who refuse to place the health and safety of their children on the altar of Big Pharma profits. 

from Daily Health, Agora Health


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