Kate Middleton and Prince William exposed.

Prince William is rumoured to be gay, says Chloe a few times.

Did Kate actually produce the baby?

Why was Nurse Jacintha Saldana killed?  Did she see something she shouldn’t have seen?  Or was she sacrificed to suit a numerical requirement?

The baby looks like William, but was three or four months off for age.  

Were you paid to pretend to have a Royal baby?

Kate’s father was a close find of Prince Philip, and they visited houses of ill repute together well before the relationship between William and Kate was ‘established’.  

Kate’s uncle is a drug dealer/pimp in Ibiza, La Maison de Bang Bang.  Why did William and Kate visit him in 2006?

Why is Kate closely associated with Emma Sayle, a woman who runs an elite orgy sex club?  Stories are creeping out about this and Kate’s involvement with it.

Chloe didn’t run the idea that Kate is in fact a crypto-male, as was circulating on an Australian-made video recently.  Not all the things in the video seem right, but the main thrust has much that’s persuasive.




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