I got rid of fluoride in my toothpaste years ago, and the result is my teeth are far healthier

Hi Tap,

I was reading your description on the right hand side of your website and noticed under the ‘water’ title you wrote “As for fluoride in toothpaste get rid of it. Use salt even. But grind it yourself as sprinkling salt is also fluoridated.” 

I had always had a skin condition on the back of my legs and arms commonly known as ‘chicken skin’ I could live with it and it didn’t really bother me. One day I began to notice it clearing up and just couldn’t understand how? until I noticed I had been using the cheap Asda hair conditioner as shampoo all over my body, I noticed the conditioner had Aloe Vera added…….. I put two and two together. My skin condition had completely cleared up.

Well there’s no need to use ground salt as tooth paste! I didn’t really clean my teeth very often as a child and as I got older thought it was time to start looking after my teeth. I came up with the bright idea of placing dabs of tooth paste directly on any ‘beginning’ of any decay and then going to bed. After a couple of weeks I noticed the rapid deterioration of my teeth! I tried ‘this and that’ but no tooth pastes seemed to be any good. So I looked for Aloe Vera tooth paste. Now after 10 years of use my mouth feels completely clean after brushing using Aloe Vera tooth paste, my dentist always says my oral hygiene is excellent, he once asked me what tooth paste I used and he went quiet when I told him. 

(TAP – A friend of mine had a tooth abscess in his forties and was told by the dentist to brush his teeth with salt, not toothpaste.  He just kept going thinking why go back to toothpaste.  He was still flying around the world at age 95, riding camels across the desert, and was an incredibly fit person for someone in their nineties.  He still is good health at 99 years old.  You would be absolutely amazed if you met him.  Toothpaste loaded with detergent and fluoride could be doing more to harm us than we realise.  We’ve also used Aloe Vera toothpaste for years, and the dentist says he’s never seen a set of teeth so healthy as mine at my age.  He didn’t ask about toothpaste!  He just assumed I was a constant brusher which I am not!)

My teeth are now in excellent condition and everyone I know who has started using it doesn’t look back. There is a tea tree toothpaste available too but it is like taking a gun to kill a fly. Anyone who comes to my home complaining of terribly bad tooth ache? I promise them I can stop it in 10 seconds flat – go up stairs and put a dab of Aloe Vera tooth paste in the painful area…. DO NOT SWALLOW IT they always come back in shock at how it has stopped the days and days of tooth ache. Super markets don’t stock it for some reason?

Have you ever noticed dentist surgeries are always full of Colgate posters? My local herbalist told me ‘under the counter’ that it is known Colgate causes all sorts of mouth problems including gum cancer.

Aloe Vera skin moisturisers also work absolute wonders with skin when applied just before bed, people now often say to me you have such healthy looking skin, you look the same age as you did 10 years ago.

Aloe Vera is gentle and very effective.

Tea Tree is the killer.  If you have a bad infection and Tea Tree will wipe it out no problem but only use it when called for.
And whist we are at it, quality vitamins, pure quality.
And to think the European gov were trying to ban multi vits and oddly Cameron turned a blind eye to the UK ignoring the ban.
LIDL have in stock fruit juices made not from concentrate with no added sugar, unlike the supermarkets.

I really really hope you could find the time to read all this, I have been using the above products for years and look and feel very healthy.

Thank you for your blog, but please don’t publish my name or email.


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