I couldn’t believe something so evil could exist. Sherry Wilde on chemtrails.

Only love is real. Everything else is an illusion, she says. Energy is being played out. We need to be heart centred. She has a fascinating way of perceiving chemtrails, the planes that are spraying and the pilots. I’ll let you watch and wonder. Does she have greater knowledge than the rest of us, or is she merely imagining what she describes?

We live in a world of duality, good and evil, positive and negative. The chemtrails are placed there to slow down our ascension.  We just need to raise our vibration back to the positive, and the chemtrails disappear.  It’s worth a watch.  It’s not long.  Her ‘guys’ are the entities she’s in contact with from other dimensions.

I like the way she takes something so physical and in your face, and gives it spiritual meaning.  The world is full of amazing people.


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