How politicians ally with big corporations to destroy our communities

Colorado’s Big Fracking Problem


Systemic corruption has left Colorado communities unprotected from the inherent dangers of fracking.

Joel Dryer of the Boulder weekly broke a story
 that reveals large scale collusion between the Democratic party, Big Greens (like The Sierra Club National, Environment America and League of Conservation Voters) and the Oil and Gas Industry.  It turns out that these groups have been working together to achieve their individual goals: For the democrats to stay in power, for Big Greens to get funded and for the Natural Gas Industry to do business in Colorado without oversight or accountability. Together, these strange bedfellows blocked Jared Polis State ballot initiatives, which would have provided communities with local protections over fracking.

The Grassroots Power Solution

We the people of Colorado cannot depend upon politicians or Big Green to protect us form fracking. The only way that we will overcome this problem is through building grassroots power, community by community. Frack Free Colorado will be offering Empowerment Trainings to communities, across the state. These dynamic and interactive trainings are designed to provide the people of Colorado with the tools and knowledge for building grassroots power. Our goal is to bring these trainings to at least 50 cities by 2016. By doing this, we aim to support local groups and also unite these  groups into a more cohesive state movement with the capacity to create real change. Check out the details of the trainings.

Elizabeth Mobaldi, Rifle CO – Deceased Nov 14, 2010


Gas Facility: Gas wells
Exposure: water

 headaches, burning eyes and skin, rashes, blisters, tumors of pituitary gland, pain
Testimony: “I was dying and I thought it was me hout,” Chris Mobaldi says in a halting, strangely accented voice. Steve Mobaldi jumps in to translate for his wife: “She was imagining that the house was killing her.”Chris Mobaldi is 59, but looks at least 70. In the last decade, she has had two tumors removed from her pituitary gland and endured excruciating pain. The once lively blonde is rail-thin and frail and holds her hands out for balance when she walks.The Mobaldis believe she suffers from foreign accent syndrome, a rare malady that can result from a stroke or brain injury, though she hasn’t been officially diagnosed with it. The Mobaldis believe her neurological system was damaged by drinking water that may have been contaminated by drilling fluids from wells around their former home about 60 miles to the east in Rifle.

Elizabeth “Chris” Mobaldi, 63, died on Nov. 14, at 4:40 a.m., after a lengthy battle with a rare and persistent tumor of the pituitary gland.



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