How cultures are destroyed

Zionist Jews have used America and Europe to destroy Muslim, Christian and Buddhist nations in order to rob their wealth as well as to make them leave their land to become refugees in other countries. Wars have disastrous consequences. People die, starve, lose their homes and families and ultimately lose their culture when the Zionist Jews get them to foreign lands aimed at destroying the culture of the country where the refugees ultimately land against their wishes.

After creating war and destruction wicked Zionist Jews dispatch the refugees to other countries and most of these innocent people would rather be in their own countries and enjoy their own culture.  Culture of the refugee as well as the culture of people in the host country becomes lost. This is the game this cruel tribe has played for centuries.

They want to destroy the culture and heritage of all people. African land is abundantly resourceful but the inhabitants are poor because of the greedy Zionist Communist Jew who exploits the African land. Same exploitation by this same tribe goes on with other cultures of people. The African or other ethnic person unless he wants to emigrate individually to a foreign country (who wants to accept him) should be living comfortably in his own land.

Zionist Communist Jew converts unhappy people into terrorists and gang members by providing training and then plant them in various US and European cities and soon will start doing (if not done already) the same in South Eastern and Asian countries aimed at terrorizing people. What is Fast and Furious about? What is the opium trade about and why are Zionist Jewish banks involved in organized crime?
Zionist Jews also act as social engineers and “diversity” experts aimed at destroying countries and cultures of people harming everyone.  Who is behind the multiculturalism in Europe and other Western countries?  The answer is “it’s the same tribe”.  

Zionist Jewish bankers and organized world Jewry (working together) have been bringing African people into America, Canada and all other European countries while planning to rob the land and resources in Africa. They have been involved with African and other immigration for a long time also through the Zionist Christian church especially in North America. Now the Zionists after having changed the demography and culture in the Western countries are extending this same process to Asian countries through hidden schemes and deception like they always do.
Sri Lanka recently had this event known as CHOGM and Zionist Jews who run the Sri Lankan government planned this event with several goals in mind and one such goal was to get Sri Lanka and Africa to engage in joint ventures instead of minding their own respective business. And the Zionists have dispatched Sri lankan Buddhist monks to certain African countries and these monks should be careful not to allow Zionists to hide behind the Buddhist Temple while their drug trade between Sri Lanka and Africa is being strengthened at the cost of corrupting the innocent Sri Lankan and African youth – and while bringing Buddhism into disrepute.

African people should be able to enjoy their beautiful and vast land while continue to live their unique life in the way God intended them to do and Sri Lankan people similarly should preserve their Buddhist culture and heritage. There is absolutely no need for these countries to have joint ventures and also there must not be any forced conversions of Africans into Buddhism or Sri Lankans into Islam which the Zionists love to do aimed at destroying both Buddhism and Islam.

These are wicked plans of the Zionist Jews to destroy every country under the sun that can ruin all civilizations while also causing ethnic people to unnecessarily go through hardship by mixing with people who have totally different customs and way of life.  Multiculturalism has failed in the West and to bring this failed exercise to Sri Lanka or any other country should be a punishable offense and the culprits who deserve punishment are the Zionists who engineer these gruesome plans and the politicians in Sri Lanka who have allowed them.  Life is complicated as it is and people in the West or East should not be called upon to bear the burdens of people belonging to other cultures.  


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