How cops create riots

How cops create riots –
while the idiot news media

We’ve written about this
frequently – and seem to
be the only news source
that does.

When tyrants lose control
over legitimate protests
they send in their own
thugs in disguise to turn
things violent.

That’s what they are doing now
in China.

How it works…from a small Canadian


– Brasscheck TV

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  1. Anonymous says:

    After W W 1 was over,the men found the jobs they were promised did not exist, so there were marches for jobs, disguised police infiltrators started to cause trouble which was the excuse
    for the bastad churchill to bring in the troops who fired over the heads of the men, the demonstratins were then banned.
    after W W II the same thing happened as the men were being demobbed from the army, and deamading jobs and homes the government asvertised for men from the west indies because they said, ‘englishmen were too lazy to work’

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