How American culture based on the person was destroyed and replaced with hedonistic corporate values? Chris Hedges.

He saw first hand how Gazans were being killed by Israelis.  He spent 20 years of his life as a war correspondent.  This is what he has learned.  He’s a great speaker.  From Jo.

He refused to be embedded in Iraq, and Dick Cheney had him on a list of reporters to be captured.  Later he was captured by the Iraqis.

The poison that war does to individuals and societies is hard to take in.  Hellfire Missiles suck all the oxygen out of the air and suffocate people with untouched bodies.  The power of modern weapons is incalculable.  The USA has killed more civilians in Afghanistan and decapitated more people with remotely fired weapons than ISIS ever has.

You never see the soldiers, the rage, the sense of impotence, 24 hour circling drones.  Violence destroys human life, economic life, social life.   You destroy your own culture first, reducing people to a moronic level, losing touch with their humanity.  War utterly upends the human and other values you believed in, went in to fight for.

It’s a telling catalogue of disaster.  The Taliban won in Afghanistan. Further violence will only make things worse.  Yet the wars have created a situation in the Middle East where violence is the only language that’s understood.  


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