Green Party gets huge electoral boost from opposing fracking, from 5% to 8%

The problem is The Green Party is 100% behind the EU, sold out on every front, including the paedophile agenda.

In total there is no one I can vote for.

The Green surge from 5% to 8% in Ashcroft’s Polling is more dramatic than the UKIP surge, which is tailing this last fortnight, now the excitement of Clacton is passing.

UKIP is trying to do a quick rebrand suggesting it is a party of independents.  It is no such thing.
The Conservatives have the most to lose from fracking, with to date 120 seats having an active anti-fracking campaign in progress, versus fifteen for Labour.  The Party won’t be able to survive with both UKIP and The Greens pulling chunks out of Conservative support.  Something will have to give.


the Green Party are every bit as corrupted as the faux rest, for instance they deny and ignore the existence of geoengineering ( chemtrails ) along with pushing dictatorial transnational corporate UN Agenda21.

the intention of fracking in the UK appears to be national sabotage of water, ecosystems and farming via a chemical attack.


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