Gough Whitlam – Australia’s greatest Prime Minister

The White Lamb is no more. The greatest statesman and reformer Australia has ever known didn’t quite make a century – Gough Whitlam rounded off at 98 today.
In three short years this visionary Labor Prime Minister introduced free health care, free university education, land rights for Aboriginal people, sweeping divorce and family law reforms, ended conscription and involvement in the Vietnam War, freed the conscientious objectors, ended the notorious vestiges of the ‘White Australia’ policy, abolished the death penalty and sex discrimination, introduced welfare for single mothers, recognised and visited China – the first western leader to do so – and utterly transformed the face and substance of the nation despite endless attacks by a COALition that had ruled unopposed for a generation and detested him for beating them.

Now those who helped bring him down by blocking supply (money) to the government and strangling the country into economic chaos blithely blame him for the poisoned fruits of their actions. They denounced all of his reforms but revoked none of them when placed in power by fiat of the Queen’s cur, the ‘Governor General’, in an unconstitutional coup.
Black budget CIA slush funds piped full page ads into every newpaper on behalf of major corporations, all blackening his name. The media was twisted against him in well documented intelligence ploys. His party and staffers were infiltrated by well-known CIA identities. At least they didn’t just shoot him, as the same players did to Allende in Chile a couple of years earlier.

Amid all the acclamations and declarations of adulation by those who stabbed him in the back, the elephant in the room – that finally knocked him off in the country’s notorious 1975 coup engineered by MI6 and the CIA – isn’t even mentioned.
The fact that a tiny allied country threatened to evict US bases at the height of the Cold War is rarely brought up, but that’s the reason his democratically elected government was removed by higher ‘intelligence’ powers whose identities are still unrecognised, despite being well known at the time.
But history is rewritten and erased all the time.
Have you ever heard of a little place called Pine Gap?

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