Fracking is about water. Save the aquifers.

Those who are so sure fracking, test drilling and coal bed methane extraction are harmless and no threat to the North Shropshire rural way of life, have not examined the evidence at all. This is different to coal mining, a thing that’s heard occasionally mentioned that coal mining is similar. It is not.
For a five minute session on the internet you can find out the truth. Yet these supporters of fracking have never done that. Head for for starters, the Fylde residents website recording their experiences near Blackpool with earthquakes, subsidence, collapsing property prices, disastrous health effects, and watch Fracking Nightmare on with Ian Crane to get the global picture.
This is an abomination. Not just an alternative way of fueling ourselves. There is no shortage of fuels. That’s another deception. There is enough coal to fuel us for three hundred years in the UK alone. Coal to liquids technology is now highly advanced and could be used here.
The gas drilling plan is to destroy all the aquifers. The next big business for big oil is water. That’s why they’re doing this, to make water inaccessible so they can bring water in and charge hugely for doing so. The Chairman of Nestles made this clear enough ten years ago, when he declared that access to fresh water is not a human right. In other words get your wallet out.
They can not only charge for access to water once the aquifers are destroyed by drilling through them and opening them to methane and other contamination. They will be able to cut you off if they don’t approve of you. This is big brother getting into position to control the population. The gas drilling is just an excuse. This is about water.  Fracking is about power. You losing it, and them gaining it.  That’s why you must fight.

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