(not satire – it’s the UK today!)
The coalition government has decided that more than half of Britain and two-thirds of England will be open to fracking despite compelling evidence the process may cause serious environmental, health and structural damage.
But now it seems insurers are starting to refuse to insure home owners against the affects of the damage – which can include flooding, earthquakes, land slips, sink holes and other serious problems.
Here’s the experience of one home owner who was recently refused coverage by two insurance companies from the possible affects of fracking:
The householder was refused coverage by the insurance companies despite no fracking licences yet being granted in the householders area. Simply the fact the area had been designated a suitable place for future exploration into shale gas extraction was enough.
So not only do we risk having our health, our environment and our homes damaged by fracking – looks like we won’t be getting any compensation for it either.
TAP – It’s not an act of God.  It’s more like war, with the weapon firing downwards into the ground releasing toxic substances and destroying infrastructure, making the ground untenable and changing the power structure.  Maybe this is a war – fracking a silent (not entirely silent) weapon for a secret undeclared war.  Insurers are running in advance of the frontline.