Football stadium falls silent. Game stops. All eyes look to the sky. BBC reveals 1954 incident. Why now?

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Now even the BBC is providing UFO Disclosure​. 1954, a football stadium in Italy, 10000 spectators​, the match stopped. 10000 plus witnesses. Moving very fast, then they stopped. This was likely the Secret Government , not Aliens. Classified technology​. 

Please realise, Tapblog readers, what 10000 witnesses saw that day, proves Free Energy is possible. it then becomes very easy to understand why our world today is like it is. Antigravit​y technology​, Free Energy, and other Dimensions​, Spirituali​ty, are all going to meet and converge. Because its all Science, physics. But not the 20th century Physics lies, theyve kept us dumb about. Disclosure​s coming
The Stadio Artemi Franchi in 1954, the year the UFOs were sighted

Ten-thousand fans were watching in the concrete bowl of the Stadio Artemi Franchi. But just after half-time the stadium fell eerily silent – then a roar went up from the crowd. The spectators were no longer watching the match, but were looking up at the sky, fingers pointing. The players stopped playing, the ball rolled to a stand-still.
Play was suspended because spectators saw something in the sky, according to the referee’s match report.

Among the crowd was Gigi Boni, a lifelong Fiorentina fan. “I remember clearly seeing this incredible sight,” he says. His description of multiple objects differs slightly from Magnini’s.
“They were moving very fast and then they just stopped. It all lasted a couple of minutes. I would like to describe them as being like Cuban cigars. They just reminded me of Cuban cigars, in the way they looked.”


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