Fiona Woolf faces calls to declare links with Leon Brittan fully

Latest from Exaro, 01 October 2014
Detectives discovered that a Catholic priest and teacher who masqueraded as a child psychotherapist was a “prolific paedophile”.
Commentary: how paedophile Peter Morrison escaped exposure
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Fiona Woolf faces calls to declare links with Leon Brittan fully
Victims of ‘paedophile network at Westminster’ want inquiry head to address concerns

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8 Responses to “Fiona Woolf faces calls to declare links with Leon Brittan fully”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am 68 years old and have only recently been able to speak of what heppened to me
    I was at st marys RC orphanage school in shernhall st walthamstow
    in the 1950s, the school has had several name changes since then but it was run by nuns
    A more hateful evil bunch of women you could not meet, sister peter was in charge and gota kick out of abusing boys in every way, one male teachera mr fox was a twisted evil bastard
    not only were we all abused in many ways but i can stil name the children i knew on a daily basis who suddenly went missing and never seen again

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:


    Speaking to reporters this morning, Mr Boris Jobsdone, MP for Fluxbridge (in waiting) said he felt that it was high time Leon Brittan returned to Government, as his experience on European issues was “sorely missed”.

    “I think we should remember,” he said, “that Leon was the victim of a cruel sting orchestrated by a few rogue policemen poking about in his affairs. However, that was thirty years ago, and let’s face it the only flaw in his explanations about parties in Barnes and a few harmless snaps in diplomatic bags is that yes, he was guilty, but only technically. The time has come to let bygones be bygones.”

    Asked about Mr Brittan’s “European experience”, Mayor Jobsdone added, “Apart from Peter Bottomley, Leon’s knowledge of European cities like Amsterdam and Budapest is unparalleled. This is why Nick Clegg recommended him to David Cameron in 2010. And lest we forget, he was one of our most effective Home Secretaries, managing to nip all this leftwing poppycock about Elm houses in the bud.”

    On the subject of zero output from an eighteen-month enquiry into how Richmond Council trafficked children in Care to Elm House, Mr Jobsdone declared, “Well this is precisely what I’m getting at. There’s obviously no truth in any of it, and that’s why the enquiry has found nothing, and never will if I’ve got anything to do with it.”

    And with that, Signor Borisconi exited the Conference to shouts of “Good old Boris”, “Give ‘em Hell Bojo” and “You are the father of my child you bastard”.


  4. Anonymous says:

    In years past anyone with homosexual impulses could through their GP get treatment from the national health
    but since all the nut houses were closed
    and homosexuality decriminalised
    it has encouraged all sorts of boy-nobbing activities

  5. TMWKTMBNE says:

    Full censorship in the UK is coming, according to this article in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph:

    It’s interesting to note that in the USA Sourthern ‘slave states’ and ‘slave territories’, until the abolition of slavery in 1861, those who opposed slavery were always labeled as ‘extremists’.

    In the Soviet Union, ‘extremists’ – those who did not agree with Communism – were ‘put away’ in mental institutions.


  6. Anonymous says:


    Jew Stephen Fry discusses his memoir, More Fool Me discuses his Cocaine habit

    WTF The Gov’t are now including this
    20 Billion in our UK budget Figures:-

    The British Are Spending 20 Billion On Illegal Drugs And Prostitutes
    Mike Bird | Sep 30, 2014


  7. Anonymous says:

    camoran the ‘IF’ man

    ‘IF’ we get voted in again?



  8. Anonymous says:

    where did Leon Brittan’s ugly face go?

    come on tap put it back

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