Environmental Fascism – The Green Party

Green Leadership Candidate Waves Nazi Flag

The only political party that opposes fracking/shale gas.  Shame they’re so pro-EU and other forms of fascism.  Where is UKIP?  Do they want Britain trashed?  Apparently they do.

One of the favourites to replace Caroline Lucas as the Green Party leader appears to be a Nazi sympathiser. Pippa Bartolotti was pictured raising the flag of the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party, a fascist organisation whose members give the Hitler salute, use a swastika as their emblem and base their party anthem on ‘Deutschland, Deutschland über alles’. Well Hitler was a green…


There’s still the Reality Party, but will they put up candidates in time for the General Election?

The Reality Party support all anti-fracking groups in their fight to put a halt to the fracking in the UK.
The effects from fracking on our health, farming livelihoods, air, water, landscape and property would be disastrous.
Our mission is to provide information to individuals and communities to raise awareness and we also ask that you share your information with us.
Please like and share the link below and let’s unite in our fight to stop the fracking.


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  1. Chris Jones says:

    She's obviously not a Hitlerian sympathiser, she's an open minded free thinker and gregarious character from what I can see – possibly intentionally naive and devil may care at times, which is refreshing in these times – politics surely needs more of her ilk not less!

  2. Anonymous says:

    'free thinker' yeah, sure, and no doubt one regurgitating all of Al Gore's 'climate change' agenda 21 bullshit…not to mention homosexuality, feminism and all the rest forced on us by the pc police in order to bring down society.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hitler was a green but it meant something very different back then, for instance Green party spokemean Peter tachell wants sex with boys from age 4 to be legal.
    Pery peter has had a string of young boys over the years and it is vile

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hev you noticed that all thes epeople who talk about Hitler know nothing about him ?
    look up the fabulous david Irving website for the truth
    its very different to what you are told

  5. Anonymous says:

    That excellant website the coleman experience has a long list of BBC employees that died mysteriously.
    these were missed out.
    In the late 50s a BBC childrens programme called whirligig
    had a comedey actor called Raymond Rollet who played a baddie called “sly”
    Raymond knew about the Apostles, Lord Rothschilds homosexual army with which he wanted to bring communism to the UK.
    Raymond went to the BBC and said these vile sexual criminals were bringing young boys mainly from barnardos homes into the BBC dressing rooms.
    The BBC told him shut up or you will lose your job.
    Raymond went into a newspaper office in Fleet st and told the story.
    Later he was found dead , it was said he walked out of a clothes shop with 3 shirts under his arm without paying and was depresed about it.
    I guess now we will never know.
    This is a similar story to what happened to Lady Isobel barnet.
    They also set up the National Front Leader Colin Jordan, when ona trip round tesco he put his shopping up to pay and two security guards stopped him and said ‘ we found stolen womens knickers in your shopping, come with us’
    In the office Colin Jordan was told renounce your political views or we will really have some fun with you in the newspapers/
    Colin refused to be threatened and went home, the next three days his phone was ringing off the hook and various voices kept saying
    ha ha you are finished top yourself now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    this one made me laugh, people should really research before they write
    greens are allied to communist
    idealology, this has caused dissention for years in the party and the reason many of us left
    as we dont like communism or Peter Tatchell

  7. Chris Jones says:

    @Anonymous 6.31

    I dislike the green communist pc agenda as much as anyone. And I agree that cultural marxism is destroying civilisation as we know it. I'm just saying that not all politicians are vacuous drones – there are a few genuine and original ones left. Very few, but they do exist…

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