Dallas Ebola Scare is an arch-Zionist Hoax. Nodisinfo.

— 03 October 2014
Dallas Ebola Scare is an arch-Zionist Hoax
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Regarding the purported development of a case of Ebola in the Dallas metropolitan area the hoax index on this is one trillion percent. There is no possibility that this is a real case of the disease, an absolute fake.
Let anyone provide the slightest proof otherwise. Let them go ahead and do so. It will not be possible. In fact, this hoax rates as one of the most ridiculous, supercilious—absolutely inane—fakes ever. Yet, people actually believe in this. It is known, here, that people are actually calling about attempting to find cures—or protection—natural/herbal or otherwise.
This is clearly an attempt to create fear and pandemonium, because it’s not real; there is no basis for any such fear. Take a look at the vehicles associated with the hoax alone. Clearly, this is a staged event:
A clean-up crew arrives at The Ivy Apartments, where the confirmed Ebola virus patient was staying, on Thursday. However they were turned away for not having the correct permits to dispose of hazardous waste
They are all private contractors, there for a fee. When there is money involved, there is no limit for what people will do. The image above does not represent an actual county or state vehicle. That’s a private contractor, playing a role for the movie. Moreover, by no means is the man in HAZMAT mode. Nor is he dressed for it. Nor is anyone else.
‘Hi Sam. How’s it going, Sam. Not much going on here.’ .. ‘Yea, I know, George. It’s pretty quiet. Could someone get us some doughnuts?’ Regardless, what is Heartland Patrol, and who controls it? Moreover, what are they patrolling, attempting to prevent Internet sleuths from descending on the region?
Picture 5927
What about the arch-antagonistic, always petulant Red Cross? What are they doing there? Aren’t things going well for the arch-Zionist, hedonistic, terminally corrupt Rockfeller-Rothschild cabal?
What about the hoax property manager? From what crisis actor entity did she arise? She stumbles about, as if she knows nothing about the apartment complex and is just there as part of the movie set
She seems awfully happy for dealing with a ruinous ebola case. ‘It’s safe here: all OK.’
Shouldn’t she be worried about her complex? After all, the story line is just like in the outbreak movies. It’s the notorious arch-Zionist, native American-murdering ‘smallpox-like’ blanket. What a phony story line it is:
For $150 I will look out the window and act like the world is coming to an end. What in he world is he holding in his hand? It looks like a knife!!!!
How about this arch-phony, covering up his eyes so no one can see him. Let he realize that he will live twice, when he and all others go before that almighty Lord at that time of reckoning. He even has the abbreviation on his shirt for “You Only Live Once.” Get the most out of it, man. Take those onions, you’ll need them all.”
In fact, onion juice is a decided cure for viral conditions, including Dengue and Ebola. NOTE: This is my medical opinion. Who can ban the suggestion of using an onion to cure disease?
They need every onion in the box:
Count them: 3300 victims—OK, Mr. Rothschild, we’ve got it, 3, 33, 333, 3300, 33000: whatever, we’ve got it, yes, OK.
You’ll need the onion juice, too. Are you going to confiscate all the onions in the world, so the Hemorrhagic Fever Consortium can prevail?
America’s first Ebola victim Thomas Duncan, 42, may have had contact with around 100 people before being quarantined over the deadly virus at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on Sunday
CAPTION: America’s first Ebola victim Thomas Duncan, 42, may have had contact with around 100 people before being quarantined over the deadly virus at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on Sunday
The victim doesn’t exist. Yet, the man does. Who does he work for? Can anyone determine it?
What about the fake judge, Clay Jenkins (whether he is a real judge or not is irrelevant; his actions are fake, so he is hereby deemed a fake). Who in the world does this man really work for? He brags about his being a Democrat, working alongside that notorious arch-crook, Gov. Perry. He’s the one who took bribes to place Merck’s Gardisil into the Texas system at the cost of numerous little girls’ lives as well as their ongoing sterility.
Moreover, here he is with his entourage, entering the “hot zone” without the slightest protection. He’s the judge. He must be representing the truth.
The Daily Mail says it’s a hot zone and that there is “terror” in Dallas. Yet, the judge and his collaborators enter the zone without the slightest protection? What is he doing there other than attempting to give substance to the fraud? The Zionists are clearly attempting to terrorize the people into submission. Is there another vaccine on the realm by the petrochemical-based pharmaceutical cartel, with petrochemical-based Dallas is acting to play the preeminent role? Surely, the CDC, et al.., have high hopes for the new ebola scam vaccine as well as any experimental drugs. Without a feigned crisis there would be no reason to launch such drugs.
All the Western world’s politicians are extensively compromised. They work for the murderous arch-Zionist cabal. Slaves to the so-called Masonic element and the Illuminati, in truth, they are actual slaves of pro-Israeli, expansionist, Apartheid criminals, that is the criminal minds of the Zionist strip.


TAP – a pandemic should read panic in the demos.  Once that’s been created, they can get everyone to rush and be ‘vaccinated’.  Remember the lessons of The Spanish Flu in 1918.  It’s the vaccination that kills the millions not the virus.  Those who avoided all medication survived.



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