Cruel Britannia. British atrocities in Germany in WW2. Britain started civilian bombing, not Germany.

TAP.  No peoples want war except for psycopaths and mind control victims.   We are all victims of war.  By giving our loyalty to religions, political parties, Royalty and other institutions, we enable war to be made.

First they doctor our minds to believe that we owe our country a duty, and that we are being attacked, and they convince us with ‘news’ that another group of people is evil.  Once your mind has taken the pill, you consent to war being made.  There might be one horror presented to you (usually false information), and you then mentally permit the killing of millions who are on ‘the other side’. 

The people on ‘the other side’ are in exactly the same position as you are.  The profits and the power derived by the secret societies that orchestrate all sides to a war are beyond imagination.

I was brought up on tales of heroism in war.  The headmaster at our prep school always drilled us to believe we needed the Dunkirk Spirit.  Our duty would be to be strong in future wars, and be the leaders of the future.  We were shown WW2 propaganda films like Reach For The Sky, and films extolling the British Empire.  How could a boy not be excited by these stories, not knowing any different?  Performing well in sport and work was a duty to the school.  Our families dropped us off, and our heads were filled with military propaganda and notions, with canings laid on to keep you keen, if you thought malingering might be the preferable course.

However much we were conditioned, it was as nothing compared to what my father went through when he was young in the 1930s.  Boys died at the prep school he went to.  There was little or no heating.  He nearly died himself at age 13 of pneumonia.  The doctor said he wouldn’t recover, but he clearly did.  His father was schooled by the Navy since age 13, and suffered a naval beating – 14 strokes with a naval cane.  German and Japanese boys were given nothing different, and all sides were trained to think killing the other was a great thing to do. 

Many of the pilots who bombed civilian populations describe the mental conditioning they were put through to enable them to go and commit mass murder without a qualm.  Later in life some regret what they did, and realise how they were conditioned.


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