Coventry Common Law Court website is down

So too is (International Common Law Court of Justice) not available, the website associated with, the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State.

The Coventry court is an offshoot of ICLCJ, and is functioning.  Here is the introduction they received earlier this year when they opened.

Coventry Common Law Court is the first common law court established in the Uk in partnership with The International Common Law Court of Justice.

We wish to honor the original constitution of England, something which our current government refuses to admit even exists, and return common law to its rightful place, bringing lawful justice to all.

We work to expose all sources of corruption and unlawful behaviour embedded in the UK’s current system and prosecute those responsible for these crimes.

The Coventry Common Law Court consists of experienced common law lawyers, public jury members, a Sheriff and a team of peace officers and bailiffs all from the local community,

Aswell as providing a common law alternative where legal matters are involved, we aim to provide the local community with education alternatives to government schooling, grow organic produce, promote natural medicines and provide other general information.

The current justice system, monetary system and education system have failed, many people wish to opt out of the governments failed system and be free from the stress it enforces, many people seek justice when they have found none in HM courts. We are building a new system, free from bribed judges, police brutality, theiving councils and social services, where the people come first.

If you would like more information or guidance on how to establish common law courts in your own local area please


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